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Monday, March 23, 2015

The recoloured clover ear muffs! Yay! Boo!

Hey jammers!
Seeing by the title you guys are probably know what TODAYS rim is.
Yes it's another recoloured item like usual. It's only once or twice a year AJHQ can not do a recoloured rim.
Which quit surprising if you think about it.
So today's rim is the recoloured clover earmuffs sold in jam mart clothing for 750!
When they should be atleast 500 gems!!!!!

The colours are kinda blah. The green is okay it's just the purple and orange which should be a way different colour to fit in. So over all I'd rate this rim 6.5/10. What would you rate it?

Rim redo

Ok the clovers are suppose to be the same colour but when I did the other colour it was a darker shade.
So it should look more like St Patrick's day colours. Like this!

Mini challenge
I'm hoping this weeks mini challenge is easier.
And faster to do though you'll be wasting 5 gems per try! Which isn't that much ca pared to buying items that cost like 750 gems.
Can you guess what this weeks mini challenge has to do with?
Well if you guessed right. Here it is!

Ok as you can see it has to do with plushies!
This might only take you one or two tries. 
Today's task is to see how many times it takes you to get a plushie! So make sure your keeping track.
When your done you can comment how many tries it took you!

Mysterious Monday mystery
Last weeks mystery was hard which no one here got!
A lot of people thought it was in zios when it was actually in jamaa township!
Now your probably thinking! What how can it be i. Jamaa township?
Well if you go right besides club geoz and into the water you will see those rocks.
So yup! 
This weeks is hopefully easier! 

Comment the exact location of this picture for a chance to win a mini prize! Yay!
Go prizes!!!!!!!!

I just thought if the most brilliant idea to tell ajhq!
There should be a claw that gives you den items and clothing items and rares!!!!! 
Now wouldn't that be awesome?!?!
I'm gonna out it in the suggestion box and email it to ️AJ! And comment if on there instagram page too!
And hopefully it will happen!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Well that's al, for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!

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