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Friday, February 6, 2015

The pizza alligator. NOM NOM NOM!

Hey jammers!
Today we have another item for the pizza parlour.
Its the alligator pizza parlour statue!
Its sold for 600 gems in jam mart furniture.
I really like this it looks like the alligator is about to eat that whole pizza in his hand with just one bite!
Though I feel like this has been an unreleased item I saw some where? Hmm who knows maybe its just me?
Oh but wait there are 2 more new items sold in jam martt clothing! WOAH!
Number 1: The returning heart scarf.
Sold for 350!
Number 2: The new chef hat.
Sold for 500 gems!
Violet's drawing
I randomly did this. I thought it looked kinda cool I guess.
Do you guys like it?
Hey I might actually do an art piece like this.
My owl!
My owl. And my pet owl earth owl.
I think its so cute how owls sit!

There is no new DE post for today so I guess thats all for today!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Your owl is so cute. Nice shades, haha (:

  2. Yeah, ajinsider posted the picture of the leaked statue. Your drawing is awesome, it looks 3D! And I remember Earthowl. Earthowl got second place in Scooter's pet fashion show contest. Right? :D

    1. Yes. She was also the final pet of the month on scooters blog


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