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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Owls! HOO HOO!

Hey jammers!
Sorry for no posting on tusday my mom went somewhere and brought her laptop with her. 
Yesterday I couldn't post because I had dance.
Today is super late because I was shopping and I had to study my division and multiplication which I suck at!
Gosh I am stupid.
Today is gonna be a quick post cause I have like no time!!!
So starting off with todays jamaa journal!
Owls have arrived yay!!!!
I love these owls! I still have to get mine. To bad ALL animals are in the diamond shop every time:(
I wonder if owls will work in the forgotten desert?
What do you think of the owls?
Do you think they will work in the forgotten desert?
The pizza parlour got chosen! Yes all that yummy pizza we can finally eat!
I was kind of hoping that the art studion would win but oh well! Guess ajhq will add it for later.
A new minibook about owls and a new exhibit about owls!
Woah I forgot about internet safety day. Did you knwo there is a rubber ducky day on January 11th?
A new show in the DE? Wow thats super cool for AJHQ to have their on show on the DE!
Over 65 million valentines sent! OMG THATS A TON!
The owls are so cute! Ill show a pic of my owl when I get one!
Here is some of the new pizza parlour items..

I really like these items! They are so detailed and fancy. They have a ton of PAZAZZ!
Hmm what else?
I guess I will get my owl now and show a pic tomorrow?
Oh yes! 
The DE! 
And thats the hoot for today!
Haha hoot?
Get it?
See ya later jammers!

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