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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gnomee gnome

Hey jammers!
Once again we have a mini update with one new thing:O Omg!!!!!
These updates theses days aren't as good as they were a year ago.

So the only new thing in this update is the lucky party which comes every March for st Patrick's day.
The animals look so cute and happy in this picture!
So today's new item is the gnome! 
Which I admire cause it looks so happy and cute just like the animals.

If you look at it closely it kinda looks like a koala like Cosmo!
I think I might get it. Hehehehe!
But look at this...
I got the moves like jaguar!
Cause look i is doing the amazing jaguar splits!
Well that's all I got for today jammers!
Also remember that if you have any daily posting ideas like rim redo comment them below!
I really like hearing from jammers!
And ugh remember to vote on the poll and ugh what else was I gonna say. Hmmmm.
Oh YA!
And here's a question for the day.
Who is your favourite alpha and why?
Cya later jammers!


  1. Violet do you use your phone to take pictures?

    1. Sometimes mostly screenshots on the computer. It's just because in winter my moms super busy on her laptop so I don't have much acess to its at this time.


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