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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pandas and oooowwwwllll!

Hey jammers!
The new jamaa journal update is finally here yay!
So here it is!
As predicted from ajinsiders the pet pandas were coming! These pandas are super cute and fat:) Yay!

I am super surprised that ajhq hasn't adopted a panda bear yet because its one of the 6 original animals of jamaa! The bounce house party is here! Did you know that my sister suggested the bouncy house party?

Another item contest! Yay! Which one are you gonna vote for? I honestly have no idea which one to vote for but probably the art studo because I am into art:)

Hmmmm I wonder which animal this is? Another bird animal it looks like! Actually its an owl see..

This is the closest I got but it looks like an owl! 
Maybe its for nonmembers like everyone was suggesting! But clearly It won't be for nonmembers!

So todays new item is the..  There is no new item:(
So thats really it! Chao jammers!


  1. When I first read the title of this post, I thought you were in serious pain. I thought it said something like, "oooowwww!!!!!" (in other words, I didn't see the l. XD) O.o

  2. I hope they have it for non members because they haven't had a new non member animal in five billion years! Like you said though, it's more likely for it to be member.


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