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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So many things to talk about!

Hey jammers 
Before I do the new item I have a exciting news!
The first is my art made it to jammer central! I even have proof...
This was the happiest day of my aj life ever!!!!!!!! After one whole year of trying to get something in jammer central I finally did it!!!!!! 

This what made it! Im glad aj liked it though I wish they would show usernames instead of animal names...
Me and my friend tig yesterday were being pumpkin heads!
It was super fun!
Now with todays new item is the greely portrait
Price: 400
Looks: 8 1/2/10
Popularity: 70/100
Altogether: 78 1/2/ 100
I like this portrait in all but the frame doesn't really have much details as the others I like the blue background though!

Wonder time
Todays wonder is the in captain melvilles juice hut it has a stage what do you think this stage coould represent?

For jammers to show there talent?
Singing a song? 
What do you think comment below your ideas?

Daily explorer

Some back to school pictures!
Can't wait for tomorrows update! 
What do you think will be in it?


  1. Great job on getting your amazing artwork in Jammer Central!!
    I am so proud of you because I have never got my artwork on there!!
    Thanks for the great posts!
    Remember to read the last 5 issues of Blu the Monkey!

    --Scooter (Animal Jam Sky Blog & Blu the Monkey)

    Go Violet!
    Hi Belle!

  2. Aww thanks jzale and thanks scooter I will defiantly read the last posts of blu and XD BLU


  4. Congratulations for entering the GALLERY! WHOOP!

    I just known that AJHQ would send us letters when we get out stuff on the gallery. I thought it would just be like: click to get your prize.



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