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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Script for X-ray

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The search for the alpha 

 it all started one stormy day outside when 2 detective bunnies were searching for the alpha and be brought back to jamaa to save the trapped penguins!!!

X-ray: it looks really stormy outside do u think we should go outside and start the investigation?

Violet: we shouldn't right now but when the thunder comes down we can

__________________ in the house looking outside__________________

                                   2 hours later...

X-ray: I think it's cleared up lets go check outside In that huge crystal cave the alpha ,igtg be there to save the trapped penguins!

Violet: let's go!

______________________ walking outside to the cave___---------------
                                   As they walked in the cave there was a flash of lightning!


X-ra: OMG I HEAR BATS... Bats creep me out I didn't bring a flashlight!

Violet: oh oh!!!! But wait there's light coming thought there's an entrance coming up 
                                             As they went through the cave they came out in my shiver!

___________________________in cave___________________ walking outside the cave________

X ray: Where are we it's freezing out here! 

Violet: let's look at the map there here we are were at mountain shiver

X-ray: hmm never heard it before

X-ray: look at that seal thing *pokes* it opened woah!!!!!

Violet: let's go in it!!!! 
_____________________ mountain shiveer________________________\                                                        As they were in the cave...

Violet: Therres something glowing I wonder what it could be?

X-ray : maybe it's the alpha that we need to save the trapped penguins?

X-ray: I'm gonna go to it catch up if you want

Violet: ok I'll be coming

                                          They found the alpha

X-ray: OMG it's so cool and there's another entrance

Violet: cool *grabs alpha* 

X ray: let's go to jamaa township and bring it to Mira where the penguins are and unlock hem so so they can be free!

_______________________in the cave__________

                                               Quick before the phantoms capture more penguins

violet and xray: Hi Mira we brought the alpha to unlock the penguins

Mira: oh thank you guys I'll sure the penguins would be happy! *unlocks and lets penguins free*

Penguins: thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! 
              And the penguins waddled away
___________________jamaa township_____________

The end!!!!

X-ray zombie bunny
Violet86271 bunny
___________ Mira

______ _______ ________ ________ penguins



  1. OMG I wouldn't change a thing! X3 I love it Violet lol its very cute and well written you are a very talented writer :3 lemme know when you want to make it okie?

  2. I haven't decided yet but I know the next time I see u on aj we should have a dress rehersal


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