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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

little lightning

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the late I was doing stuff with my mom 
So todays new item isnt really new it came back to the summer carnival which is the lightning necklace
Its so bold!

So todays outfit of the week goes to shuggoth1 I think thats her user
I chose this when I found her in jamaa because I liked the combonation she did with the red and yellows great outfit!

Sports jersey: 500
Rare headphones: In the thousands
Colours: Red and yellow

Now its time to wonder about this thing I noticed remember to share what you think about this wonder wednesday

 What could this picture mean?
Could it mean jamaa is a fun place?
We are suppose to have fun in jamaa? 
But its in outback imports? 
I wonder what it could mean?


  1. The Koala and Kangaroo picture could symbolize friendship in the australian animal list? *Fun Fact* There's a white kangaroo actually makes it look like a giant rabbit... o.o" XD anyway just a guess.

  2. Koalas and kangaroos are Australian animals, as DreamMinerAJ X3 had mentioned. The Kimbara Outback represents a place like Australia, where kangaroos and koalas live. Maybe that's it.

    Great blog, anyway!

    Please visit mine: rainbow000pegasus.wordpress.com


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