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Jamaa. My New Home.
By: Violet86271

I was a little bunny named Little MagicLily who lived in a land next to Jamaa called Spenic. I would always enjoy listening to music and making edits on the computer. My parents never had a great job, only about 10, 000 dollars a year. That was barely enough for them to pay for the house, all the bills, food and everything we needed to stay alive. Last week, my dad got laid off from his job, my mom on the other hand loved her job but decided she wanted to do something more advance so she decided to quit her job as well. Life sucked for them. One day while I was sitting outside in the shade and blasting my music, I heard the door open. I saw my mom standing there with a not so happy face.
"Little, can you come inside for a few minutes, your father and I have something we need to talk to you about?"She asked.
"Yes, I'll be there shortly. Don't worry!"I replied back.
I wonder whats going on I thought trying not to think the worst. I stepped inside the house and sat down.
"Would you mind telling her hun?"mom says quietly, while almost being in tears.
"You know, we both don't have jobs anymore and you know how hard it is to get one in this land that actually pays more then 10 000 dollars." Dad says.
"Yeah..." I mumble.
"Well, your mom and I have decided to move to Jamaa. There is just so much of a better life we can have there. I know you will miss your home and all the adventures. But we have to move. I am sorry if I let you down today. Look on the bright side though, you will make so many friends that you couldn't make here, there is a hospital, a bunch of stores, and great job opportunities for your mom and I." Dad states.
"Okay, when will we be moving?"I ask.
"Next Monday, a week from now. We will start packing tomorrow." Mom says.
"Thanks for letting me know." Quietly I say.
I quietly leave the room and go back outside. Then I look around the land that is now going to be my old land. I sigh. "Why can't things just be normal for once!" I yell. I look to the right and see my mom look out the window, then she looks away.
It has been exactly one week since I found out about us moving. We have a few more items to pack and then we will be in Jamaa. I go to the door and look out the window, I take a deep breath and sigh deeply.
"Little your dad and I are done packing, we are gonna leave shortly." Mom says.
I look over and nodd. But before we leave Spenic, I had to go outside one more time and enjoy it. I hear my mom call and say to get ready and to meet her and dad in the vehicle. I look everywhere for the lastime. I enjoy the nice weather for the last time. I enjoy the view for the last time. I enjoy the smell for the last time. And then I leave for the vehicle.  My dad starts the car and pulls out of the driveway, I open my window and wave goodbye to Spenic. I will miss you I mouth to myself so no one hears. Then tears start to roll down my cheeks that reach my shoulders, then I fall asleep.

I wake up a few hours later, when we arrive at the border.
"How much longer till we arrive in Jamaa?" I ask while being half asleep.
The border guard looks at me strange right before my dad responds.
" About 2 hours Little. Then we will be at the land that can make our dreams come true!" He exclaims!
"Okay, have fun in Jamaa guys! Hope to see you guys back here for a visit sometime!"The security guard says.
"Sure! Thanks." Mom and Dad reply at the same time.

Shortly after I fall asleep until we arrive....

"Okay Little! Wake up, we have arrived!" Mom shouts joyfully.
I blink my eyes and focus at the new land that we now live in, it looks so beautiful and friendly I am actually super excited to live here now.
"We had to drop off our stuff right before we entered at the bridge. We have to park the car before we enter, we won't need it in this land." Dad says.
We park the car near a post that says, "NEW JAMMERS PARK YOUR CARS HERE!"
Then I get out, and look right ahead where I see a panda who looks like she might be a tour guide?
Soon enough we are there standing right next to the panda.
"Hi! Welcome to Jamaa! I am Liza the panda one of the very few alphas we have in Jamaa. I am here to show you around and help you with whatever you need. If you follow me I can show you your den and then Jamaa itself. But first let me introduce you to some jammers. This land called Jamaa is home to over 1 million jammers! Let's go meet some new jammers shall we?" she cheers.
"Sure!" My parents respond.
"And whats your name?" Liza asks.
"My name is Little MagicLily." I say back to her.
"What a nice name! I guarantee your time in Jamaa, will definitely be worth it Little!"She says.
We walk over to the jammers who are so excited to meet us.
"Hey guys, say hi to these 3 new jammers!" Liza says.
"Hi! Welcome to Jamaa. I can't wait to see you around." They shout.
"Okay now let me show you to your den."Liza then says.
We walk for what almost seems not to long. Great! I think to myself.
"I must get going now, as I have over 100 000 jammers to greet daily, here is a few maps to help you guys find your way through! Everything is nearby so you should get there in a split. I hope to see you guys around! Enjoy living in Jamaa!"She exclaims and then disappears.
"Little how about we do some exploring? And we will meet back here in 2hrs and a half?" Dad asks.
"Okay, sounds good to me." I respond back excitedly.
I can't wait to explore this beautiful land I say to myself. Then I look at the map and decide which place to visit next. I decide to go to the pillow room in Jamaa Township. I enter the pillow room and see a bunch of jammers there my age, having a blast I decide to go investigate more but then notice a bunny my age in the corner of the room all alone, I walk over to her.
"Hi!" I say.
"Hi! I haven't seen you in Jamaa before. Whats your name?" She asks.
"Im Little MagicLily I just moved here today from Spenic."I respond.
"Thats cool! My name is Daisy kindmajor."
"Oh cool, how long have you lived here?"
"I moved here, just last year actually, I haven't really made much friends like Liza said would happen."
"Wow, do you wanna go explore jamaa with me?"
We walked through almost all the lands and played a few mini games. I look at my watch and then notice the time...
 "Oh my gosh!!" I shout.
"Little whats wrong?" Daisy asks.
"The time, I was suppose to be home half an hour ago, my parents are never gonna let me be alone again. I have to go now! I will see you tomorrow?"
"Aw no, I will come with you."
How much further can we be I thought? It seemed like it had already been an hour.
I decide to look at my map again, we were in Coral Canyons and needed to get to Kimbara Outback.
With out paying attention I realize we just arrived at my house.
"Hi Mom! Hi Dad! This is my new friend Daisy, I met her at the pillow room!" I say excitedly.
"Thats cool, nice to meet you Daisy. Thanks for spending time with Little today and becoming her friend. She never really had friends in Spenic." Mom says.
"Nice to meet you! I must get going it's almost supper now, bye guys!" Daisy shouts as she starts to walk away.
"Bye!!" I shout aswell.
Mom closes then closes the door and asks for me to have a seat.
"Little? Where were you?? You were suppose to be home almost 45 minutes ago!"Mom yells.
"Im sorry, mom I got carried away and lost track of time. I promise it won't happen again." I respond.
"How are we suppose let you be alone in this land of over 1000000 jammers if you can't keep track? You have one more chance." Mom shouts again.
"Your mom is right Little, you should be more responsible." Dad says.
"Im sorry, like I said before!!!" I scream.
I leave the room and take my stuff from our old home, then I storm off to my new bedroom.



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