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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Your Very Own Shop Has Arrived

- jamaa journal update
Hey jammers!
Back again, cause school was cancelled, and I thought I would post cause I have time and today is the update day. Drew and painted today and organized/cleaned a few small sections in my house today. Oh and ate food XD Let's see if I actually have school tomorrow... Guess we will find out soon!

Let's check out today's update!

Jamaa Journal:

The first new feature that we have gotten is "My Shop". This is basically a feature for members where they can sell their own items in their shop. This is a good way to make gems and diamonds tbh. 
It suck's that it is members only though. I suppose if members did sell nonmember items then nonmembers could buy those nonmember items. Also do you get to choose the price for the items? 
Anyways, I actually like this feature a lot. 

Lynxes are back! Yay, just in time for all the snowXD

OOoh a new den called the friendship fortress. Yet another big den that is a castle. I actually like this den though once again it is members. 

Pet love bugs have arrived. I don't think we had these in AJ last year, but they were on play wild. 
These are nice too. 

Secret valentines are back. This is another nice feature for AJ.

The friendshup festival items have returned as well as the friendship cottage.

Reminder about how do you celebrate friendship.

Here is what the den looks like:
It's big yet not super big at the same time.

I rate this update 8.5/10.

Im glad this update was good. I hope AJ keeps up to their promise of better updates this year since last year they were lacking....

That's all for today jammers!
See you soon!


  1. I should have known that the 'My Shop' would be member only lol

    What's interesting though is that I've noticed that most people who have "shops" at their dens are nonmember :0

    I always love to see your posts, Violet!


    1. Yeah, except I literally don't get why nonmembers can't buy nonmember items from the feature. Yeah a lot of nonmembers do have shops, so why didn't they get part of the feature? I dunno anymore Doomy XD

      Thanks Doomy. I love to your blog posts too:)


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