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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Guess that Extreme Version

- Daily Item
- Guess that Extreme
Hey jammers!
Its already been a few days since my summer  Christmas break has started and I haven't even posted. I can already tell that this is break is going to go by way to fast plus im gonna have to do homework near the end of the break but let's not think of that right now, plus a few days i'm not gonna be at home so how much time do I really have to myself?

Yesterday was Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas whether it was with your family, friends of both:) 
I actually received quite a bit more than I had expected this year which I mean is good on my behalf!
I will list some things I got,
Hot chocolate, super warm socks, a plant, sd card, paint brushes, a pillow and a pillow cover, paint pallet, paint easel, pencil case for markers, new 3doodler and plastic and a jetpack for it, blobfish squishies, laurdiy kit, popcorn, watercolour brush pens, giftcard, creative writing book. 
I think thats all? I feel like im missing stuff. But I think thats all or 90% of the stuff.
Oh yeah got paint canvas's and a beret and a few new copics. Ima be the new bob ross XDD

Also on Friday it was not a very good day for me so much bad stuff happened like getting a bad mark on a math test... then I lost my tickets for a raffle (though thankfully they got found), then a zipper of my wallet broke, then when I was working on my clay the room was really loud and annoying and then when I was working on my PJ pants I serged over the wrong spot and then forgot to put the presser foot down so then it messed up the stitching and then when I was using the stitch ripper I ripped the fabric on my pjs. But the good thing that happened that day was winning a giant monkey stuffie and it also included a smart watch ( a cheap kind) but its cool..

So yeah:) The monkey was my highlight of the day. Im happy I got a new 3doodler for  Christmas as well cause I kinda needed it. Its also the new one so hopefully it works better. 
And apparently now the 3doodler products are getting discontinued in stores so you can only order the plastic from the website and amazon. Which is kinda inconvenient. 

Let's get on with the post cause let's be honest that was a pretty long intro... lololol.

Daily Item:
Today we have thew new penguin table sold in jam mart furniture for 750 gems!
The penguins are so cute in all of theses new den items. I hope to get the penguin lamp one day once I get enough gems XD

Guess that Extreme:
So it's been awhile since we did some guess that.
So instead of doing just one picture or riddle I decided to do a bunch! This is just for fun. 
I will post the answers sometime soon, so let's hope I don't forget!

Can you guess what two items these are?

Which land are these taken from?

Fill in the blanks:
Happy____________ (there is multiple answers for this one)
Today I __________ an apple.
It was ______________ like a _______________.
(just for fun)

What do you call a month's worth of rain??
What kind of math do owls like?

Can you name 3 consecutive days without using the words, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?
What has many key's but can't open a single door?

Well I hope you guys have fun with those riddles, jokes, and pictures!
I can't wait to see all your comments below:)
That's all for today jammers!
See you soon!

1 comment:

  1. 1. Spiral Ornament!
    2. Monkey plushie!
    3. Looks like beta Crystal Sands, or the Heatwave Party
    4. Balloosh!


    1. PIANO!!!!

    And I can't figure out the rest XD

    Great post! :3


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