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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Night of Phantoms Update 2018 (not sure what else to title this XD)

- Jamaa Journal
Hey jammers!
How are you all today?
I dont have much to say cause I don't wanna say much cause im trying to get this post done quick. I miss making posts that took only like 30 mins to make XD Good ol days.

So today, we received the Night of the phantoms update, so let's check it out! It actually is filled with a lot of stuff, although most of that stuff is member I must admit. But then again we did get a pretty good update last time for nm's so we can't really complain. Also did anyone know there was a video for the masterpieces in the theatres?

Anyways lets get on with the post, cause thats why y'all are here.

Jamaa Journal:
Night of the phantoms has now returned! I can't believe October is already in a few days. 
Wow! I am excited for Thanksgiving though:) 

A new revamped eggstravaganza is here. We have the spooky eggstravaganza. I wish I could participate in this, but I believe the pets are member only! I can't wait to see the different types of pets though.

The epic haunted manor is back.

Pet tarantulas are back. Spooky armour has arrived!

Items and accessories will be arriving everyday all month long for halloween.
A new snow leopard is coming soon as well. Wish I could get that animal also XD

BITTER SWEETS IS BACK!! I can't wait to play this adventure again, because it is always so fun.

Apparently monsters have taken- Okay they lied. There isn't any monsters in the museum which kinda disappoints me and other people... I thought it would have been a cool feature to add. 

Haunted Forest Party is back! 

Play wild night of the phantoms is ready to play!!
Gosh, Its been so long since I have been on play wild last.

I rate this update a... 8/10!

Heres a message from a jammer.
I agree. There ain't no monster here!

AJ also updated the homescreen:
Look how advanced that logo is. Wow AJ! 

Above is the new home screen.

Here is the prize for the PHANTOM  Vortex GAMe: 
Im not sure there actually is a new prize this year, because your suppose to get it once you have reached level 5. But I haven't received a prize yet. Maybe its just a glitch or something.
Thats all for today jammers!
See you soon!! 
Enjoy the rest of your day:)


  1. Overall for me, I really, really enjoyed the update. But after looking around, there wasn't a whole lot that was significantly new. Lol. So if you've played AJ for a while you might've found this boring, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've never been on AJ during halloween, so this very new...

    The decorations are absolutely epic... I love the feeling of going on AJ now, they took beautiful Autumn and made it chilling, but pretty...

  2. I did the Phantom Vortex
    got up to 7 like 10 times
    and you get the prize at 5


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