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Thursday, August 16, 2018

More Juno Lore... Yay (JK)

- Jamaa Journal
Hey jammers!
As you all know the other day was birthday and so, yesterday we did the presents and cake and stuff and so my cake was... 
THOMAS BRODIE SANGSTER AND NEWT THEMED!! If you don't know who they are Newt is a character from the maze runner and tbs is the actor who plays him aka my most favourite actor. 
It was great:) Then I got 2 laurdiy craft kits from my brother. Which I cannot wait to make. If you didn't know laurdiy is a canadian youtuber that I watch. Then I got 2 coming soon which was a sketchbox and 2 lokai bracelets!! I cannot' wait till they come in the mail, but I will probably be waiting like 2 weeks or like a month XD SO yeah:)
Then today I volunteered and there was a petting zoo and I petted some goats, miniature horses, and floppy eared bunnies which were the fluffiest things everrrrr. There was also guinea pigs, ducks, and chickens!

So yeah! Today we have our update so let's go check it out...

Jamaa Journal:
This weekend we have a prank wild weekend.
I feel like this wild weekend should have been made in like April, cause like April fools day right?

Oooh these look so cute. By why do we need autumn coyotes now when autumn isn't even for more than a month?

Lore.... again... Im starting to get tired of all this lore.... It didn't really hit me until today.

Honey bee national day and pet honey bees are back!


Abstract items are arriving soon... reminder about school. Not everyone needs to be reminded about school. 

Dash tag reminder.

Prank Items:

Juno Promo:
If you enter the code juno you get this statue!

I rate this update a idk what cause yeah.
Im kinda getting tired of all this lore stuff:(
Thats all for today jammers!
See you soon!


  1. I think the lore's actually good, even though it's a lot of word salad at some points we haven't gotten too much of it.

  2. Agreed, the lore has been boring lately. Give us something exciting, AJ! Stop trying to promote nonbinary people and actually give us the good ol' type of lore!

    -Lostfairy (not signed in)

    1. they are not ''promoting'' nonbinary people. stop making this such a big deal and get over it.

    2. Please be respectful of what you say in the comments. Please follow commenting rules:):)

  3. All we've been getting is new (diamond) items and lore, its getting quite tiring I agree


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