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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Birthday Party Invite:)

- Daily Item
- Plushie Challenge and LPOTM of the month sign up reminders
- Party Invitation
Hey jammers!
Today my day wasn't as productive as I had planned it to be. But I guess thats okay XD
I basically just vaccumed and read and now I am here. I was planning on working on my dream catcher and finishing my clay teddy bear.... 

Anyway's  today I am here with another post, two days in a row.
Rowzers. (Get it cause in a row so instead of wowzers, its rowzers? XD)

Daily Item:
Today we have the fancy vest sold in jam mart clothing for 750 gems!
Don't y'all think 750 is a little bit pricey for just a vest?

Here is what it looks like on a seal:
Hmmmmmm. I like it in away, but then I don't XD

I actually have no clue what to post right now. I know today is technically not a day for posting whatever I wish, but I don't really feel about posting those thingsXD So you get another free post. I was gonna post my thoughts on Juno today but I don't really feel like doing that either right now so um... 

UPDATE: I tried to get people to trade me and it didn't really work out. I was gonna post all the items I got but um yeah XD

So while I was checking someones den I came across this seesaw that I have never seen before. 
I searched it up online and apparently it was an item released in 2017 at the Fantasy Castle den on the Epic's den list!

Here is what it looks like:
(image credits to AJ wiki)

If any of you have this item please let me know in the comments and I will to trade for it:)

Just a reminder to enter the plushie challenge and sign up for LPOTM if you haven't been it yet.
More info on the previous post:) 
Btw, we just need one more contestant for the challenge, or more if people want to join!

Party Invitation:
As I mentioned in yesterday's post my birthday is next week so I decided to have my party next tuesday the actual day of my birthday because nothing else is planned. I had asked specific times that everyone would be available but no one seemed to comment the times they could come:( So because the party is a few days away and there should be some notice before so everyone knows it's happening I thought I would just choose the time myself. I am hoping all of you if not most of you can come!! I wasn't very successful with the party for the blog last time, so I am hoping you guys can make it this time! I have lots of stuff planned so come prepared for lot's of activities:)

Here is the invitation:
For times:
4:00 pm EST, 3:00pm Central, 1:00pm Pacific.

If you are wondering what time your party is feel free to comment down your timezone and I will search it up online for you:)
I hope you all can make it!! Hope to see you guys then:)

Also you guys don't have to feel obligated to getting me anything for my birthday on AJ but if you truly insist, I wouldn't mind a or some masterpiece tokens and that see sawXD Its not nessasary though!!! :D

Also, I am going to have a contest, I just need to organize it! I won't do a giveaway or another contest because that just ended a little bit over a month ago. So I thought I could just do a small contest. A small contest that might not even be small :P 
Thats all for today jammers!!
Hope to see you tomorrow with a more interesting postXD
OOH MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT BOX MONSTER'S LATEST POSTS. I keep forgetting to tell you guys... 
(who has finally created her new signature)


  1. Noooo I'm going to be away on your birthday party DX

    I hope it's fun, though, and happy week-early birthday!

  2. I have the see saw item
    Its on my account: paintingyourtrauma

  3. Happy Early birthday Vi! :) hopefully I can come!

  4. Noooo... Don't get me anything on my birthday. *coughs* HEADDRESS! *coughs* Huh? Oh I didn't say anything...

    Lol. I hope I can come! You deserve those items, lol. OOOH MAYBE YOU CAN GET A MEMBERSHIP!!!

    Happy early birthday! Great to see a double post! Rowzers! (LOL)


    2. (and I placed the comment in reply OOF)

    3. @Ja XDDD I hope you can come too:)

      Thanks for the birthday wishes guys:)

    4. @ Q*** Not JA dunno why I wrote Ja. Um, it wasn’t a double postXDD

  5. I don't think I'll be able to comeee DX tuesday's usually dont work for me, DX we'll see though D: HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aw no!! I thought Ja said she would be able to come. But maybe not. Thank you!!!


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