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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sabertooths.... sighs

- Jamaa Journal
Hey jammers!
It is me Violet here again:) I have a 4 day weekend, so I will try to post every day of it. But if I don't you guys know why and if you don't its cause I don't want too cause I don't feel like it XD
I have a science assignment due on april 9th that I was gonna work on tonight but I just didn't feel up to it so I didn't. I handed in my box today for tech and um... the final mark is out of 15 so um.
It's not aligned properly on one part and um it doesn't close fully cause there is a little gap...
So um yeah....

Let's get on with the post...

Jamaa Journal:
Sabertooth tigers are coming soon.
Yay..... we always need a repeat of an animal even when there is a bunch of cool animals out there. 
For example, quokas, snakes, frogs, geckos, etc. Like why do we need another tiger? Honestly, add new animals AJ NOT JUST DIFFERENT VERSIONS. NUF SAID PEEPZ.

The spring cottage is back. I can't remember if I have this den or not. Oh well XD

April fools party is back as well we have a new frame, a flower frame. This frame actually looks quite nice.

A spring bundle has arrived.

The spring festival is back.

Wind armour is back and new mannquins are back as well.

Eggstravaganza is back and spring items are too!

Advertisement for the emoji box. 

I rate this update a...


That is all for today jammersssss.
See ya soon:)


  1. Yeah, I was hoping for something that's not a feline, I honestly really think they should add orangutans, We don't have any apes! And they said in the Jamaa Journal that it's going to a species that's not in Jamaa yet.. Nope.. Just another big cat to add to the 6 we already have.

    1. Yup:/ I mean they could have added another underwater animal like a whale. But of course they decide to add a tiger with long teeth.


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