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Saturday, December 9, 2017

December's Paloozian

- Daily Item
- Weekly masterpiece
Hey jammers!
I am here once again:):):)
See I told ya I would be here again to post sometime this weekend. Didn't I?
I had a list of stuff to do this weekend and I barely got any of it done. I thought today would be productive day but I guess not. Oh well. One of my cats, the one who is usually always dosy. He was going kinda crazy today like we found a toy ball for cats and he started to play with that and then he played with another cat toy and then he started to play with a carpet of ours on the floor and then yeah. It was really strange for him XD

I am trying to type this post up in like 20 minutes so we shall see how that goes...
So let's start now!! I would have fun facts except due to time I am not posting that today.
Also I am thinking of changing the schedule again maybe? So if you have any ideas comment them down.
Daily item:
Today we have the new jamaaliday police hat sold in jam mart clothing for 200 gems!
These colours are actually very nice. This item also has a good price and is for nonmembers. So yay!!

Here is what it looks like on penguins:
It actually kinda suits them pretty well.
The Weekly Masterpiece:
Woah!! I can't actually remember the last time I have done a weekly masterpiece its been sooooooo long. Wow. I am just shocked I pretty much forgot that this was a feature on my blog. 
This week's masterpiece is made by...
Congrats on having your art featured!!
I love how realistic this bee looks. I must admit I have never seen a bee drawn so realistically before.
The textures are also amazing too!!

December's Paloozian Of The Month:
The LPOTM for December is....

Thats all for today jammers!
Can't believe I managed to basically do this post with in I think 25-30 mins!
Man I am really proud of myself XD
See ya soon!!

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