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Monday, October 9, 2017

October's Paloozian Of The Month

- Check out today's rim
- October's Paloozian of the month
- Blogger Project Chapter
- Strange blogger contact form?
- Red Panda Masterpiece
Hey jammers!
Happy Thanksgiving Monday, to all the canadians:D
As you can probably tell, this is gonna be a long post. So just sit back and enjoy the ride...
So I said I would have a post or try to have a post every day that I was off. That did not happen cause I got busy with watering plants and going shopping, artfests with my friends, artfests with my mom and brother, and having a Thanksgiving dinner and then yeah. I finally started to read the Fever Code today... Spoilers well its not that big of a spoiler but... **Thomas's real name is Stephen and Newt has a sister named Lizzy and they were taking away from their parents**

Also I would totally work on the sidebar graphics tonight but I need to catch up on youtube soooooo. Yeah:D Sorry for the late post btw. I would talk about the new clothes I got except... I can't keep rambling on. I have a post I have to do!!

Daily Item:
Today we have the rare phantom mask sold in jam mart clothing for 3500 gems!
I like this. I know it's purple and thats like the only thing that changed but I like the purple. I do think it does a cost a lot. Can someone buy me a mask please? I don't have enough gemsDX My membership is done in 18 days:(

Here is what it looks like on Coyotes:
October's Paloozian Of The Month:
You have all been waiting to find this out...
Congrats Lost!!

Blogger Project Chapter:
I know my chapter isn't due until October 14th but I have it done now so here it is:

Inside the portal was pitch black like it was in the beginning, there was no pattern like it showed before. The bloggers were lost once again but this time in their very own blogger portal. “We are all together for once at least.” Violet said enthusiastically. “I guess your right, we need a plan guys, how will we get out of here if we are stuck and lost?” Swirl responded making sure everyone heard. “I guess we can hope and pray for a portal to magically appear for us, it’s a worth a try. God will help us through.” Gracie said hopefully. Everyone nodded their heads and agreed. But just as soon as Gracie mentioned that idea a portal appeared right inside of the portal they were in. All the bloggers held onto each other willingly and jumped into the portal. “Let's hope we don’t get separated again guys!” Ja yelled. And with that the bloggers left the portal and entered a brand new portal and then disappeared. 

Violet woke up to a sound of Jammers jumping on ice and a having a feeling of coldness against her small goat body. She decided to go to the cocoa hut and warm up with a small mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows added on top of the nice warm hot chocolate. She then bought a nice warm winter jacket to keep her warm, until she could go to a much warmer land of Jamaa. Violet then realized she was not with any of the other bloggers anyone. Not again she thought to herself. This can’t be possible we were all linked together holding on making sure we wouldn’t be separated. I guess that portal likes to play tricks on us. Violet then left the cocoa hut to look for her friends. At that time there was no one left in the land. Violet felt hopeless, it would be such a long walk to get from the cold land to her den to contact anybody. She then decided to try and go back to her den. I mean I might as well try who knows how long it will take to get there. Violet thought to herself while being worried.

On the other side of Jamaa... “Guys, THIS CAKE IS SO GOOD! ITS SO DELICIOUSLY AWESOME!!!” Lost yelled while chowing down onto the cake which all the Jammers enjoyed walking through. “WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO. This slide is so much fun!!” Sarah yelled as she slid down it. Everyone was having a great time except for Snow. Snow was the only one who noticed Violet was missing. Nervously she went up to Lost and asked her to stop eating the cake for a second. “Hey Lost?” She said nervously. Lost stopped eating her cake for a second and responded, “Yes?” “Violet isn’t here with us. We have to go find her. Who knows where she could be right now.” Snow stated. “Okay, we have to tell everyone or else we will get split up again.” Lost replied while motioning to all the other blogger friends. Everyone saw Lost motion to the others and everyone came to Lost immediately. “Violet is missing and we have to find her. I’m thinking we should start looking in Jamaa Township and then make our way to Sarepia. Something tells me she is in Mt. Shiveer, looking for us.” Snow said to the fellow bloggers. Everyone nodded and they decided it was time to go to Jamaa Township to find their friend whom they still didn’t know how they lost.

By now Violet had almost reached Sarepia when she heard a rustling in the bush. She looked to her left but couldn’t see a creature in a bush. She then looked to her right and found what she thought was a phantom. She remembered what had happened to a few of her friends in the hive with the phantom king and the phantom portal. Violet wondered if it could have been a sign of the phantom portals serogating but she wasn’t sure. Instead she decided to look for chomper plant. She dashed away from the phantom as fast as she could making sure the phantom wouldn’t hurt her even though the phantom was following as fast as it could. She got to the chomper plant and stopped, making sure she let the phantom get into the mouth of the plant. The plant closed and then dropped 25 gems. Violet  picked up the gems considering she was getting low. She hoped she wouldn’t come across anymore phantoms on her journey but only time could tell. Violet looked ahead, there was still little ways to go until she finally saw jammers dancing to the fire in Sarepia Forest. Oh how she would love to do that when she arrived in Sarepia. Then after Sarepia she would be close to her den where she could try to contact her blogger friends. 

The bloggers arrived in Jamaa Township. Surprisingly it wasn’t busy considering they were in Aldan. Not once did they see a Jammer asking for a long rare spike or a headdress. It made them smile dearly as that is what Jamaa has turned into, a place for lots of rares... sadly.  Slowly but surely they passed Jam mart clothing. “Guys look ahead. We are almost in Sarepia!” Craz Cheered. Everyone decided to cheer as well. They had just crossed a bridge when they saw a goat familiar to the goat Violet looked like. The goat was wearing a newly purchased winter jacket from, what it looked like  The Hot Cocoa Hut. The goat came galloping excitedly. Although not many of the bloggers was sure it was her they decided to ask the goat as soon as she came closer. “Violet is that.... you?” Swirl shouted to the goat that was perhaps her fellow blogger friend.”Swirl? Guys? Lost, Sarah, Ja, Snow, Craz, Flora, Transions, Gracie? And everyone else I forgot to mention? Is that you!?” Violet shouted back excitedly galloping faster and faster to her friends. “Yes, where were you?” Transions asked gently but sort of loudly at the same time. “I honestly don’t know what happened, I woke up to being in Mt. Shiveer so I thought to go Sarepia and then my den. Luckily I came across you guys. I don’t know how we will stick to together anymore if a portal keeps appearing and we keep separating.” Violet responded.

But just as Violet responded, a big portal 4x the size of the portal normally appeared right beneath all the blogger’s feet. Everyone fell into the portal not sure what would happen next. “Ugh not again!” Ja exclaimed. “If we get separated again, make sure we find each other and try to stick together again.” Gracie said. “Let’s hope so.” Violet responded. Then the portal closed once again and all that was left in Jamaa was the Creators of Jamaa, Mira and Zios looking at where the portal was before. They stared at the ground in shock.

I typed this on my iPad in notes. Its also a bit longer than 1000 words by around 150-200 words. Sorry Gracie! I am sorry if it's not that great I am usually better at righting stories in first person. But considering I wrote it in 3rd person (i think it is) I think I did pretty good or at least decent:D Hope you guys enjoyed it!

Okay so today I got a message in my email from a jammer who came across this blog...
And messaged using the blogger contact form.
Okay, I just wanted to say my thoughts about this. Okay, no offense but I am not giving you a spike to be a reader of my blog. Its not a club, Legendary Paloozians are what I call my fans or readers of the blog. Srry, but you ain't getting a spike:):):):)

I wanted to say something else but I didn't.

So awhile back in the summer Lost and I made a trade a deal that she would make me a masterpiece for a platypus of mine.  So here is what the masterpiece looks like cause I received it today:
Its a red panda. Which is nice cause I love red pandas. And its also kawaii, which I love kawaii things as well! Thank you again Lost! I love it:D
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon:)


  1. I LOVE THE CHAPTER VI!!!! :D (Though, I do think in the story we are humans? Thats what I heard at least XD)

  2. Wait?! Why am I in the story already?! How am I gonna do my chapter now?! DX

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. (Oops, commented under my sis's account AGAIN. XD)

      Also, thanks for letting me be the LPOTM!! :D

      And I'm glad you like the drawing!

  3. @Sarah Thanks:) And I didn’t realize whoops. I guess this chapter will be based off of animals for a change?
    @Lost Um....You can still do your chapter it’s easy. And Np


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