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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My 3 New Masterpieces

- Check out today's daily item
- New masterpieces of mine
- LPOTM sign ups for October
Hey jammers!
I am back again today, after a week and two days without a post:D 
Doesn't that just make you guys smile? Or is it just myself making myself smile because I can post again and I love posting? Whichever it is, it is a good powerful thing! 
I don't know why I class that as a good powerful thing but... Oh well! XD
Anyways I could talk lots but last week there could have been a few posts but I was sick 3 days last week. Thank goodness I didn't have to much homework or else, I honestly would be annoyed.
Also in other news the blog is almost at 100 000 pageviews and I should be able to do some posts this week instead of 1 or 0 which makes me happy cause I have a 4 day weekend soooooo.
Anyways let's get onto today's post...

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning ibex horns sold in jam mart clothing for 500 gems!
I was never really a huge fan of these horns but if you think about it you could make an awesome outfit with these horns:)

Here is what it looks like on coyotes:
Violet's Drawings:
Recently, I created 3 new masterpieces. Now 2 of these masterpieces were from the week while one of these masterpieces would have been from the other week except it glitched and I didn't get a chance to save it so as a normal person would, I redid it today!
So I thought I could showcase them in this post:)
Most of these well I mean 2 of these you should recognize a tiny bit from when I posted something about them before if you did end up reading that post.
Okay, here is the first one of mine. Does it look familar to you? It should if you read the post awhile back to when I started to draw this a while back and needed to add some shadowing and final touches. Which I did end up doing and I did remove the tongue to the mouth as well because that it didn't look proper I guess you could say with this hamburger.
Anyways I love how it turned out!
Now this was the next one. I know it probably doesn't look like much but like I mentioned when I did the how to draw a pixelated cupcake post I wanted to make a masterpiece with just that pixelated background to it. So thats what I came up with, it does kinda look cool in away?
And here is the final masterpiece. This was actually the masterpiece I drew today since when I started it before AJ glitched and logged me out or something like that I can't exactly remember even though it was just the other week but. I recreated it today. And I kinda think it looks very cool! 
A fun fact about this masterpiece which I found kinda strange actually, right after I could view the masterpiece in my den.  So it got approved immediately but then I didn't get the jamagram.

Also note to self stop using the gold frame XD

I hope you guys enjoyed those masterpieces! Comment below if I should make more word masterpieces like believe, maybe with imagine or peaceful or stuff like that!
And make sure to go to my den and check out the masterpieces you like and give them a like cause why not?  

Which masterpiece is your favourite and why?

Also if you have any unwanted masterpieces please let me know ASAP!!

LPOTM Sign Ups:
Yep, I know right it's already that time of the month again, I guess cause I did this a week later than usual the month went by faster than usual I guess or maybe it was cause of school? Im not sure. 
Anyways if you would like to be Legendary Paloozian Of The Month please comment down the following...
Favourite AJ animal of yours
Favourite AJ pet of yours
Why you would like to be legendary paloozian of the month

I am thinking of deciding the paloozian for october on saturday, so saturday will be the last day to enter! Also if you are nominating someone you can do that as well, just make sure that jammer reads this blog and has commented/comments on it.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya:)
- Violet


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