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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The new Animal, my theory

- Check out the returning lawn chair
- Check out this week's weekly masterpiece
- Learn some fun facts about pandas
- Learn a bit more about the new animal coming to jamaa and my theory
Hey jammers!
I was reading the kill order and it got to a really good part but then I had to stop reading. Cause you know I had to post on my non aj blog and I have to post on this blog cause I didn't want the post getting posted to late. Sooooo yeah! Maybe I can read some more of it tomorrow. I just realized that elf tail armour on pigs looks soooooo funnyXD Oh and in other news the blog hit 245 views yesterday! I think my prediction from yesterday was right:)

Daily Item:
Today we have the returing lawnchair sold in jam mart furniture for 150 gems!
150 gems is actually a great price for a lawn chair on AJ.
They look decent too, so thats good. I kinda always liked the lawn chairs with the umbrella table or whatever that table is called cause I forget right now.
This Week's Weekly Masterpiece:
This week's masterpiece goes to...
I love how you made the red panda look so realistic and the background is very cool!
I also love it because I red pandas are one of my favourite animals!

And yes I did find this in Lost's den just so you know.

Panda Fun facts:
Since AJ did like a panda journal this week instead of a normal jamaa journal kinda and because I am starting to grow a love for pandas I decided to post some fun facts about pandas!!
Here we go...
Hehe a cute silly panda picture to start the facts off.
  • About 2000 pandas are found in the wild:( (that actually makes me so sad)
  • Pandas can poop up to 40 times a day!
  • Pandas have lived on the earth for 2 to 3 million years
  • Pandas walk with there front paws turned inward
  • A newborn panda weighs less than an iphone
Hope you enjoyed those fun facts!

Jamaa News/Theory:
I guess this isn't really jamaa news but in a way it is.
With the update some people seemed to believe that the new animal coming to jamaa was a flamingo while others a gecko. Here is why jammers think a gecko:
If you zoom into the picture there is a gecko hiding there.
Some people can also seen a flamingo leg somewhere.

But I am not entirely to sure geckos are coming to jamaa.
First of all AJ stated that this animal has never been seen before in Jamaa, so geckos have actually been seen in jamaa as a pet. So that wouldn't really make sense. So maybe possibly lizards are coming but they decided to show a gecko cause it is a type of lizard?  But if you rmember the flamingo picture from not to long ago that could have been an edit or not. And flamingos have never been seen in jamaa before except for Crystal sands. I'm not really sure what I am saying right now. But you can probably understand what I mean. So I guess we will just have to wait and see what this new animal is. I still feel like its not a gecko because they have been seen in jamaa and that the gecko there could have been to throw us off. Though I can see why some people thought it was a flamingo at first like me cause if you didn't zoom in it kinda looked like the colour of a flamingo anyhow...
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!!


  1. Cool post!

    I want the animal to be either a flamingo or an ostrich XD

  2. The panda facts are so cool! But the first one really did make me feel sad D: Like c'mon look at that adorable panda face!

    Also I agree with you on the Gecko Theory lol, but I wonder what the animal is though!


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