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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to play Sky High like a pro (sky high tips and tricks)

- Check out the new mechanical item
- Imagine Animal Jam without all the different servers
- Sky High tips and tricks
Hey jammers!
I finally almost done the kill order and it seriously just got super interesting that I would have kept reading if I could. But I had stop, to make you guys a post and do stuff on the computer:)
Hmmm what other interesting things did I do today? I just watched the Dolan Twins new video (I actually love them so much<3) so glad I started to watch them recently, and so did my sister! I started to work on the story page yesterday as well, I deleted all the old stories and now they are fanfictions. Please don't read it until its done..... So yeah. Now onto LE POST.

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning mechanical table sold in jam mart furniture for 500 gems!
Im pretty sure this table expands if you click it right? Or am I thinking of another mechanical item?
For today's imagine I thought we could...
Imagine Animal Jam with only 1 server.

First of all if there was only one server in AJ. The game would seriously be super LAGGY. And you probably would be able to do nothing. Just imagine being in a land with like over 1 million players? Also for blogging and youtubing that would be super hard to since you would not be able to take a picture or video without someone being in the way. Also it would be super hard to see yourself and for people to click you to trade:O

Comment below what you would imagine AJ to be like with only 1 server

Sky High Tips and Tricks:
I honestly had no clue of what to this week for a how to or tips and tricks. Then I thought of a post I had read recently about snake tips and tricks. So I thought to myself, why not head over to the arcade. So thats what I did.... 
Now I present to you.....
  • Jump to the nearest cloud not the furthest away
  • Avoid all phantoms
  • Collect as many gems as you can
  • If there is a big cloud to jump on with a phantom and no other clouds to jump on make sure to jump on the edge of that cloud that carries the phantom
  • Make sure to jump to the cloud with the treasure chest at the end of the game to receive a prize!
  • If you think you are gonna fall and have to restart try to see if there is a cloud below you to jump on so you don't have to restart the game
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
(I can't believe I just did this post in a bit over 20 minutes! Thats like the quickest I have a done a post in such a long time. Guess it was because I made sure there was no distractions:P

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  1. oh my gosh
    THE LAG,


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