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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Feet popping out of eggs? Yeah, Yeah.

- Check out the new summer Mohawk
- Read about eggs having feet?
- Fan Art 
- Be sure read this week's howl!
Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting yesterday. As I think I mentioned I would be volunteering that day so thats why, there wasn't a post. Well at the place I volunteered at they had vendors and stuff. And so I got a little duck, a bracelet (It was very cute it has 3 blue elephants on it:)), a dream catcher(A nice addition to my collection. Now I have 4XD), a SQUISHIE!!! And.... A Fidget spinnerXD
I AM SO HAPPY THEY HAD  A SQUISHIE like honestly I have been wanting one for like FOREVER. Well not forever but almost a year basically. Its not slow rising but it is a bigger one and it is a strawberry:) I can't wait to start collecting squishies too!!

Daily Item:
Today we have the new summer mohawk sold in jam mart clothing for 850 gems!
This is actually kinda a unique item to have. The normal kind, so the green kind kinda reminds me of grass. I guess Technically it would be a good item to have if you wanted to dress up like grass. Not that I think anyone would want to anyways. You know what? Ima buy this item!

Here is what it looks like on seals:

Feet popping out of an egg?
So today I was in the summer carnival, when I noticed someones egg with feet possibly popping out.
I zoomed in so you could notice it more.
Now I haven't seen any eggs with feet sticking out yet but then again I haven't gotten a falcon yet or really payed attention to feet sticking out. Though they do look like a falcon's foot. 
If you have seen feet popping out of an egg before please tell me in the comments!
I feel like this might be the new pet with feet popping out but I could be wrong. Also, do you guys know what the new pet is?

Fan Art:
The other day I received some fan art from Cuddly also known as nafaria8!
Thanks so much Cuddly!
I love it a lot!

Howl Of The Week:
The other week I asked...
What your favourite pet was and why.
The Howl I chose for this week was from Graciepopstar91!
(It was actually a close tie between Sarah and Gracie)

Here is what she said:
Hm, my favorite pet would have to be.. Probably pet dolphins. I also love pet seals, but sometimes you can make them.. Kinda ugly XD But pet dolphins are so adorable <3 I'm so glad AJHQ released them! :D

For next week's howl I would like you to answer the following question in the comments.
Why did you choose to be on Team Mira or Team Zios?
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Ooh... I wonder what the new pet will be!!


  3. Hmm, I chose to be on Team Mira because it had two YouTubers that I watch the most on it. Because of that, I chose which team I was in very quickly. XD

  4. Wait, I think those 'legs' might be the snowflake pattern from a snowflake arctice wolf (Cause there are patterns around it the same purple)


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