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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thundericous Facts

- Check out the returning storm cloud
- Learn some fun facts about thunderstorms
Hey jammers!
It is currently raining right now, it kinda thundered a bit too.
So yesterday my sister, mom and I went to this store that had like these giant sheep's for easter that costed $35. So I wanted to check to see if they were on sale since easter was done. They didn't have the giant sheep... BUT they had SMALLER ones for 94 cents. They were originally $10 dollars but I went with 2 one of each colour. The pink one is named Hyde and the white one is named Harley. They are best sheep friends!! Hopefully next year they have the big sheep again cause I would really like to have it:P 

Daily item:
Even though today isn't update day, AJHQ changed the front page to a cloud event that is happening!
Every day a different cloud will be released until sunday.

Today we have the tropical storm cloud sold in the diamond shop for 3 diamonds!
I feel like they didn't really need to make this an event but in a way I kinda like it actually.
 I wonder what other clouds will come. I mean they did say it was gonna be new clouds sooo probably not rain, wind, snow or a rainbow XD

Thunderstorm Funfacts:
Since today we have the tropical storm cloud and it was thundering where I live I decided why not do some thunderstorm facts! I have never done any facts about weather so it shall be fun and different:)
(This picture above kinda scares meXD)

1. There is a phobia for thunderstorms; Astraphobia is the fear of thunder or lightning
2. Lightning causes the sounds of thunder
3. We see lightning faster than we hear thunder

Hope you enjoyed those few facts!!

Fashion show, giveaway and party reminder:
If you were planning on entering I would suggest to do that soon it will only take a few minutes:)
We have 5 fashion show entries and 6 giveaway entries. It would be nice to have a tleast 7-10 entries for the fashion show so I may I have to extend it another week.

Don't forget that there is a party this Saturday to celebrate the blog's 3rd birthday!!
Above is the invitation with times and everything to know about it!
What do you think of the cloud event?

Solve this riddle in the comments:
What type of house weights the least?
That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. I feel like some people just don't feel like entering the fashion show.

    Maybe extend it by one or two days, because dragging on the time is just going to make it feel less I dunno, anniversary-like maybe.

    What do I know, I just really wanna do the fashion show :0

  2. thanks for the tips and information..i really appreciate it..


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