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Friday, March 17, 2017

Realistic human Pictures

- Check out today's potted plant hat
- Read yesterday's Jamaa journal update
- Realistic people picture drawn by me
- A st. patricks picture
Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting these past 2 days. On Wednesday I unfortunately got a migraine though it wasn't as bad as it usually is and I didn't throw up:D Thats probably to much info... 
And yesterday I was doing something else which I actually forget at the moment. So yesterday a book  store near me had a deal that you pay 30$ for a box and you can put as many books as you want in it. It only applied in the warehouse though which was crowded cause of this deal so my sister and split the box so we both pay 15$ each and yeah now I have a lot of reading to do! I also got my very first Almanac book which was the 2017 version! Im not gonna say I read a lot but I do read sometimes and with all these books I am gonna try to read much more!!
So ya! We have a big full post ahead.

Daily item:
Today we have the potted clovers hat sold in jam mart clothing for 650 gems!
This is a bit different than usual. It's kinda cool though:)

Here is what it looks like on the bunny:

Jamaa Journal:
The cougars have arrived! Woo hoo!

Pet geckos are back as well as the spring cottage.

I hope they don't put this in every time.

Members can have more inventory for music!

A cougar mini book has been added! 
And cheetahs are coming back soon:)

Just an advertisement.

This was basically "The member journal"
I rate this a 5/10

Violet's drawing:
Lately I have been wanting to try to get better at drawing realistic people so today I drew a girl and a boy. I just posted this picture on my AJ instagram so I am gonna post it here as well!
I am actually really proud of them!
Comment below which one you like better!

And now a little St. Patrick's picture I drew for you guys!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Wow! Good drawings! I honestly suck at drawing humans but practice makes perfect. :D

    Great post, Vi!!

  2. Thanks:) I do to, unless I actually take time like I did for theseXD And thanks again:)


    1. Aw thank you! I wouldn't go that far cause everyone is better at drawing than me but okayXD


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