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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Meet Box Monster

- Check out the tiki table
- See AJHQ's new member benefits pop up ad
- Meet Box Monster
Hey jammers!
My Grad is coming up in 3 months which means I need to get a grad dress soon! 
I am hoping to go this Friday if everything turns out well. My friends say I would look good in Blue or Purple so I am gonna try to find a dress with those colours maybe...
On the other hand it was really nice outside today and there is suppose to be a few nice days outside this week so I am looking forward to that. And I might be baby sitting a 1 year old girl this summer! And I might be doing it by myself so I am gonna be a bit nervous if it does happen... And if I do babysit the girl.

Daily item:
Today we have the returning tall tiki table sold in jam mart clothing for 400 gems!
Im guessing tiki items will be returning to jamaa.
The thing about this item is that it is 400 gems which is  nice and that it is for nonmembers!
But I am not sure why anyone would use a tall table even if you not even 5ft like meXD

Jamaa News:
I was trying to see whether or not AJ made masterpieces for nonmember so like a glitch I guess or like they did it secretly which they didn't though. I think it would be cool if AJ at least let nonmembers get the basic wooden frame for creating masterpieces, and if they could get diamonds another way instead of the spin... But thats besides the point.
Anyways so the Member Benefits ad popped up, like it normally would and lets just say its different...
It looks like a book now! Which is actually really cool!

Meet Box Monster:
So the other day while I was at Lostfairy's party we were waiting for people to come and while we were I created someone... Someone very special to me. His name is BOXMONSTER!

He is a very nice box monster. In fact one of the few nicest.

Box monster enjoys saying AHAHAHAHAHA, in fact its one of his favourite sayings.

And if you become his friend.... He may just want to eat you...
So you better watch out! 
He is thinking about making his own blog... Or page on the blog.

Glad I could introduce him to you guys!!!
He is much much more crazy in person! Please come and meet him some day. I insist upon you to do so.
What do you think of Box Monster? Do you plan on meeting him?

Would you like me to continue the questions of the day?
The reason I ask this is because no one ever answers them which is kinda the point its not just meant for me to waste time typing them up.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya later!


  1. Hehe, hi BoxMonster. XD I remember you from Sunday. ;)
    DON'T EAT ME THOUGH!!! *screams*

    If BoxMonster got their own page, I'd be very happy. XD

    I like the questions but you can pick, its your blog. :)

    1. Box monster remembers you too! And he says he must eat you no matter what unless you get him a piece of cake since your his friendXD He's gonna make a poll on the side of the blog when he remembers to on whether or not he's gonna make a page. And I like them to so I probably will keep them:)

  2. Eek! Hey... wait you look like givemespikeplsorauto kinda...

  3. That is not Box Monster that is a fat Boxraffe... Seems cool though :3

    1. His name is Box monster thank you very much:)


    And I really like the questions, you can keep it if you want, :)

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I will try to not eat you but I can't make that a promise.
      -Box monster

    2. Would you eat Supercat?? Or Coldcat????!!!
      I just realized, my 2 main pets have the word cat at the end,
      Supercat is a pet kitten, and Coldcat is a pet seal, I got the seal from Gracie XD
      I love me cats :) XD

  5. I don't mind the QotD only that I don't visit often that's why I don't reply much. NM masterpieces were a Christmas gift from AJHQ to NMs. So, it wasn't a glitch. Wish masterpieces is for all though.


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