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Friday, March 31, 2017

Fast Foodies Opinion/Review

- Check out today's rare items
- Check out my fast foodies opinion/review
- Try and find where a picture is located
Hey jammers!
So last night I ordered a fidget cube like I was talking about in yesterday's post.
OMG the class my friend and I always lunch monitor was SOOOOOOOOOOOO loud today. Like it was an indoor break and they were not being quiet after the like 50 times we asked them to quiet down and so I even warned them that if they weren't being quieter they would have to sit down for the rest of the break.  So yeah...

Daily Items:
Today we have the rare candy necklace and feather tail!
Sold in jam mart clothing for 700 gems!

Here is what it looks like on bunnies:

Sold in the diamond shop for 2 diamonds!

Here is what the tail looks like on bunnies:

Fast Foodies: Opinion/Review:
Since today is an opinion/review I thought why not do it on the new game in AJ called fast foodies!
When you first get on you can choose the juice hut.
But only until you finish all the levels.then you can go to sarepia forest.

You then select a level. There is 20 levels in which they slowly get harder and new items in it.

So basically all you have to do it is drag the fruit to the jammer.

So basically thats all:)

So now my opinion....
I actually really like this game! Its super fun but it actually bugs me so muccccccccccch when you try to give them the thing but then you run out of time cause there is so much to make and so many people!

Mini Challenge:
Comment the exact location for a chance to maybe win a small prize!
Do you like Fast foodies? If so what is your favourite part about it?

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya!


  1. Fast afoddies was actually originally from Play Wild. Also I think that place in Jamaa (the picture) is some grass in the original NM den (Small House Den).


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