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Monday, February 6, 2017


- Check out todays rare item Monday
- See the cool rim redo
- Learn about plushies
Hey jammers!
Once again it has been almost 10 days since I posted last... Wow. I am not impressed with myself.
BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I started working the pages a bit the other day. YAY! And after this post I will start a new template! ALSO YAY! And we REACHED 70 000 PAGEVIEWS! YAY AGAIN! And.... I AM ALLOWING 2 MORE WEEKS OF ENTERING FOR THE DESIGN A SIGNATURE CONTEST!!! Cause like usual only the odd person enters even though I give plenty of time to enter. This time only 1 person entered... But we will talk about that more later.

Daily item:
Today we have the rare heart earmuffs sold in jam mart clothing for 900 gems!
These are actually very cute! If I were a member I would totally buy them!
Though they are a bit on the pricey side... 

Here is what they look like on the bunny:
Very nice actually.

Rim Redo:
Okay. Wow it has been quite awhile since I last did the rim redo. 
Sorry to those who have wanted to see it for so longggggggggggggg.
So I changed the band colour to white and changed the heart colour to a greyish brown I guess or a dark grey. Then I added blue zig zags! They would seriously look so darn cute that way honestly.

Today's topic isn't that crazzzzy. But I thought why not do it on Plushies!!
It was originally gonna be done on the claw but you know. 
Now that I am nonmember. I think I should of kept my pig instead of giraffe...
What are plushies?
Plushies are cute stuffed toys on animal jam which you can get.

Where do you buy plushies?
You can get plushies from the claw by paying 5 gems to try and get a plushie.
You can also trade for them! 

What kind of plushies are there?
There is a plushie for every animal in jamaa! 
Unless the plushie hasn't came out for the latest animal yet...

Are there any cool plushies?
Yep. Every animal has a few rare plushies which you could get.
As well as during the summer carnival you can get special carnival plushies. There are also big ones too!

How do you know if your plushie is rare?
How do you know if your plushie is rare?
You know if your plushie rare if they have some kind of cool item or feature to them that the other plushie's don't have.
For example:
The elephant on the left is the rare one cause of its glasses and the orange one on the right is a normal elephant.

And there you have it! Hope the topic this week was helpful for new jammers as well as useful!

Blog news:
It has been almost a week since the contest ended...
But because we only got one entry so far. I will be extended the due date to the 15th of February so you have just about a week and a bit longer to enter!
Are you glad that there is still extra time to enter the contest?

How did the chicken cross the road?

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya lateeeeeeeeer! BYE!


  1. Just have to edit a few more things with the template! Like a few text choices and colours?

  2. I think instead of zigzags (for the RIM Redo) they'd be squiggly lines, since love is usually a more squiggly thing y'know? Either way I think it'd look adorable :3

  3. Hello, Violet, it's been while especially after AJH shut down... How are you? Glad to see you're energetic about blogging and all.
    Also, heads up that the 'real' rare plushies are from AJ codes from toys that gives you 'Rare Bunny/Monkey/Kola/Etc Plushie'.

    1. Hi rainbow!! I missed you:) I am doing good, how are you? And I completely forgot about those plushies! Thanks for informing me

    2. I'm doing quite fine, thank you. Aww, you missed me? Haha to be honest I was wondering how the authors of the late AJH was, especially you. You were quite active there!
      You're not blogging as much, though? Is school life busy?

    3. A bit busy with school. Sometimes I like doing other things instead of blogging:) and by AJH you mean AJ happenings right?


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