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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The spotlight of Nafaria9

- Check out the birthstone of this month
- See todays Jamaa spotlight
- A little blog news
Hey jammers!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY 2017!
I can't believe it is already 2017, boy time flies by fast. And this year I turn 14. Like woah woah woah. Anyways I can't wait to see what comes in store for us and this blog this year:) Let's just say, the blog will finally be updated(Its been long enoughXD), parties, contests and the odd give away this year! WOO HOO SUCH  FUN.

The daily member spin has started today. I think I rather the old one though. But they are pretty equal.
I today is the jamaa spotlight and how to but I decided, to do a bit of blog news cause it is much required.
So let's just get right into the post!

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning garnet birthstone, sold in epic wonders for 1500 gems!
This is a nice item if your birthday is in January.
If your birthday is in august like mine your birthstone would be a peridot!
How cool is that?

Jamaa Spotlight:
Today's jamaa spotlight is on...
Naffy is someone who is very special to me in the Animal Jam community.
She has been a buddy of mine for a few years, and I enjoy reading her blog posts.
Anyways, let's actually start to learn a bit about her with a few facts!
-Nafaria9 created her blog: The Animal Jam Whip in 2012
- She has been a jammer for quite a long time
- Her blog is almost 5 years old!
- She has a few younger siblings
- She is such a cheerful person through thick and thin
Now I suggest you search her blog and start reading now! Cause trust me her blog is one of my favourite blogs:)

Blog News:
Okay, so I have both exciting and not so good news to start off.
Then I will take up to polls on the side of blog:)
Okay to begin with here is the bad news so you guys can get it done and over with^.^

Bad news: I'm not sure if this is exactly bad new or not, but I just wanted to point it out.
I am not nessacarily mad about this its just something I thought to point out:)
Okay so for the past few posts I have noticed not a lot of pageviews we are still getting a lot of pageviews through out the whole blog, but not on posts. Which kinda makes me a bit sad inside cause I like knowing people read this blog. We had a pretty steady streak of 100+ page views per post. No need to apologize guys, this happens to everyone at some point I am sure of it. Also no one has entered the fashion show as usual, so it is cancelled. YAY!!! No not yay, I have always wanted to do one, guess I will have to wait again.
Anyways let's get onto the good news! 

Good news: Because I want to make posts on this blog as fun/enjoyful on this blog as possible I have 2 ideas, plus another idea for an upcoming contest.
These ideas include:
Firstly, I think it might be cool or unique to always have a question at the end of the post, there for everyone on this blog and learn about other peoples opinions and it can be great feedback! This will also help to grow the community and if you enjoy answering questions you can do that! It will also be about something that has happened in the post
My other idea is to have a cool fact, or trivia question at the end of the post as well. So if you enjoy learning or like to do trivia you can do almost daily! I think it will be a pretty fun feature to had, not just for you guys but me aswell.
So there you have it! I will be putting polls up shortly for these ideas:)

And now for the contest idea....
I have this idea, that maybe we could have a contest for designing my next signature.
Since I know many of you are creative I thought it would be fun, you can either say ideas for the signature, or create the signature itself!


Not to long ago I released a few polls.
Now I am going to take those poll results up. Let's see our results!
Okay so this one was pretty close with results.
Most people say that different post topics is there favourite things on this blog.
People also like the layout! Thank you;)

All of these answers would of been in the same range, until GREELY WON WITH 6 VOTES!!
I have to say myself, Greely is my favourite alpha. Poor Graham didn't get any votes.

Turns out that a lot of people would to see ocelots the most in jamaa! 
Then they would like to see manatees. I mean I have asked aj in the past about manatees like 10 but they don't listen:P

And this one didn't really show the answers.
So comment below which one you chose!
Thats all for today jammers! See ya tomorrow! BYEEEE!!


  1. Aww, Violet! You're so sweet :) Thank you so much for making such a nice little segment on me! It made my day. ^.^

  2. Oh.

    I feel so AWFUL! D: I was SO gonna enter your fashion show and I didn't. Gosh, I know how it feels like to have no one enter contests. And now I did it to you. I am SO so sorry. D:

  3. Nice blog! Finnally a blog with no bully's! (Other than Scooter and A few others)

    1. Thank you:)! Hope you enjoy reading the posts!

  4. And I'm a new reader XD

  5. Hi there! I'm SO SO SOOOO sorry that i didn't get to talk with you! I was on puffin, doing clanning, you get the picture XD!


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