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Monday, December 19, 2016

Let's talk about pets!

- Check out the gingerbread wings
- Candy cane tie is here!
- Jamaa journal has been changed
- Learn about pets
Heya jammers!
Its been how long since a post on monday?
Thats a very good question. You see I honestly don't know. But as far as I know MONDAY POSTS ARE BACK!!!!! YEEEEEES, thats what you guys are thinking. (Atleast I hopeXD) Another exciting thing about today is... 6 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! I am actually so excited for christmas this year and I don't even know why.
Today's daily jamaaliday gift is the gingerbread wings and a diamond.
These wings always seem to return every year.

Daily item:
Today we have the rare candy cane tie sold in jam mart clothing for 950 gems!
I feel like this was released last year except red and white.
This is also very expensive when it should be like 450 plus it should also be for nonmembers.

This is what it looks like on a panda:

Jamaa Journal:

When you went on animal jam today you may or may not have noticed that the journal had popped up again and this time with a different cover than before. 
Apparently a bunch of famous youtubers came up with this idea. Snowyclaw has also posted it on her instagram too.
Everything in the jamaa update is the same except for the deer page which is shown above so  Don't Worry:)

Let's talk about pets:
Today we have the topic segment and you know what that means!
Any new jammers get learn more about the great world of jamaa! Or this can be helpful to any jammer who wants to learn a little more.
So let's get talking about these pets that we have in jamaa.

What are pets?
Just like in real life, on animal jam you can adopt your own pets!
How cool is that? 

How much are pets?
Pets range from 400 gems to 3 diamonds.

Can nonmembers get pets?
Yep they can of course! Though they can only adopt a hamster and an underwater animal.

Where do you buy pets?
You can buy pets from appondale, the diamond shop, certain parties, and all around jamaa!

How many pets can you have?
I am not certain how many but definately a load ful!

Hope you learned about pets!
If you have questions feel free to comment them down below.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorow bye!!!

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