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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Le collier fantôme rare

- Check out the latest rim and a redo for it
Hey jammers!
Happy Halloween!!!
How was your day today? I didn't really do much in class today considering we only had 2 periods of work which wasn't really work it was more of watching a video about the book fair this week and then playing a match game! Then middle block we carved pumpkins and watched harry potter. Then last block we had a 7 and 8 dance. I wanted to make a post about a topic but I don't know if I will have time. Considering my friend will be at my house in about 30 minutes.
Sooooo I will just do the rim and the redo today!
Im being a penguin in a really big costume same with my friend. We were orginally gonna be beer and a beer keg but my friends mom didn't approve.

Daily item: 
Today we have the rare phantom necklace sold in jam mart clothing for 1000 gems!
Its a tad bit expensive for a rare and you can't really change its colour to do a redo for it.
Plus its just a phantom.

Here it is on penguins:
It actually looks kind cool on the phantom vortex outfit.
Are you being the phantom vortex for halloween on aj?

Rim redo:
Here is my redo.
I changed the colour of the phantom to blue and added some lightning strikes.

Sorry about not have the topic segment segment this week!
I promise I will add it to the post tomorrow so I can make up to it!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow with an extra long post! 
OH by the way whoever guesses what the title means gets a small prize!
Its in french btw.


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