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Friday, October 28, 2016

Thank you Toucans

- The latest jamaa journal update
- Highest pageviews in a day
Heya jammers!
How are you all today?
Well I was actually super annoyed today but now I am fine?
Its kinda weird but I will probably be annoyed later today:/
Yesterday we had the jamaa journal update... So we shall check it out y'allllllll.
Peeps say ya if they are like I forgetXD But Im not a cow boy or cow girl soooooo:P

Jamaa Journal:
Page 1
Okay I don't really see a point in this to be honest.
Cause like if you see a bottle does it mean something new is coming? If you think so comment down below what you think it is! But the bottles could come when we are asleep? IF SOMEONE SEES A BOTTLE PLEASE TAKE A PIC AND SEND IT TO: VIOLET86271AJ@GMAIL.COM

Page 2
Next thing you know we will have rare animals...

Page 3
This is just a reminder from last week I am pretty sure:P

Page 4
OOOOOOH lala. A new animal? Well you have to check animal names and it will say.
I have heard from a few people that it is toucans! WOO HOO! I actually love toucans... They are my fav bird.

Page 5
A new art video? Well its just pet phantoms.
Not really that important honestly. 
Awe night of the phantoms is almost over:( I have barely celebrated it this year I feel so bad and sad:(
I guess theres always next year I guess...

Page 6

So there you have it!
I will rate this a 6.5-7/10!
Oh and here is some extra tid bits about this update....
Here is the pet phantom thing....

They have added a wooden border around the map and have made the den list and shop list thing all squarish.

This is also toucan. It was the first one I saw:)
Tip: Check the third column

Blog news:
I feel like I am just gonna be having a pageviews update everytime we reach a higher set of pageviews!
I know this was 2 days ago but I am still so happy and thankful for all of you guys and for you guys viewing this blog and reading this posts. You don't know how happy I am!
Thank you!
That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow with another post:)
Now time to play aj for a good 30 mins and make a post on my secret blog I have which I really hope no one here finds>:) And if you do please don't tell anyone.


  1. Actually, the notes in the bottles COULD lead up to a new adventure. :D

    Also, I really don't understand why people are so set on the toucans. I found a couple more animal names: jaguar, bear, iguana, dragon, and dove.

    1. Oh! Toucan was the first one I saw I was to lazy to check so I figured it was the only oneXD But i guess not


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