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Sunday, October 16, 2016

How to be the phantom vortex for halloween

- See the returning ibex horns
- Learn how to be the phantom vortex
Heya jammers!
I was planning on finishing my sock monkey that I got last weekend but my mom didnt have time to help me sooooooo. I am in the progress of making a series of collecting cards that I finished the first pack of today there is 3 cards well 4 if you count the opening card to the pack!
I call them cutesies they aren't mean't to be sold in future unless I can turn them into very good graphic quality one day... If you would like a few pictures I would be happy to post them!
Yesterday I realized how much I missed being a pig on aj and remembered just now that pigs are nonmember:P I honestly don't know why I didn't choose to be a pigXD
Anywaysssssssss let's get on with the post.. Sundays I am suppose to do jamaa spotlights (creds to naffy for the idea) and a how to but if I did both of those it would be such a long post that i would not have the guts to type up. So decided on sundays it can either be a jamaa spotlight or a how to.
Wow I didn't want this intro to be to super long guess you guys will just have to suffer. Im sorryD:

Daily item:
Today we have the returning ibex horns sold in jam mart clothing for 500 gems!
To be honest I feel like these horns were returning just the other day but its already been a year!

How to be the phantom vortex for halloween:

Step one: Starting fresh
Before you make any animal you wish a phantom vortex you have to clear all the colours and items off!

Step 2: Choosing the design
If you wish to choose the design that looks most like the vortex I suggest you choose this design.
This design is the swirly design above, it will be the design that will work the best.

 Step 3: The eyes
If you ever noticed in the vortex there are four eyes, if you would like to have a set of those eyes with your costume the eyes above are the clostest match and will work the best.

Step 4: Choosing the colours
If you ever wanted to be the phantom vortex. 
You need to be the proper colours.
So make sure you choose the proper colours in the penguin above.
These 2 colours are the ones you want.
Make sure the spirals are the blue and the outside of the penguin and the stomach are the purple!

Not sure about you guys but this is definitly my halloween costume on aj this year:)
If you wanna give your outfit a cooler affect you can make the stomach black so your outfit will look like this...
Hope you enjoyed that costume!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow hopefully with another post!
Reason I say hopefully is because I help my sister babysit our nephews on mondays and they come right after school which is shortly after I finish!
So ya if not see ya tuesday!

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