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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back on track!

Hey jammers! 
I am deeeeeeeeeply sorry for not posting this week. I know I promised I would I haven't had anytime since my sister and I have been cleaning our room (yes I share a room :/) Cause we actually had never gone through our whole room we already have 3 bags of garbage have made 2 bags of shredded paper and our room already looks so much cleaner! My dad might be repainting it any colour or colours we wish and then we get new rug cause we realllllly need that XD. Anyways last week was the last week of school for me so I was at my friends house and then ya. Anyways I am so dearly sorry:( I promise I will try to make it up to you someway possible even it means a party a day (well not a daily party) Maybe a new contest still have to announce the contest winners:P OH TUESDAY IS THE 5SOS CONCERT! I LITERALLY AM TALKING ABOUT IT NONSTOP.Also go a debit card today! Woo hoo! So ya. Hope you guys understand. 
Now to actually get onto the main point! 

Page 1
Pet goats have arrived! They look super cute! 

Page 2
Monkey party is back. to be honest I didn't even notice it left XD
Oh don't forget to buy the freedom items! 

 Page 3
Arctic foxes are on sale for 5 diamonds.

Page 4
We are correct! The sloth is coming. Now we just have to wait for ostriches, now that would be interesting.

Page 5
Cheetahs are travelling... yay...

I rate this update a 2.5/10

Just to be honest it could of added more stuff. So ya.

This is my goat:

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow?
- Violet


  1. Welcome back Violet! Don't worry too much about not posting all the time. It's your blog and you can post whenever you want (:
    Have fun at the 5sos concert and your room sounds like it'll be a lot better when it's all cleaned up!
    I didn't notice the monkey party left either.. oops xD


  2. I'm so glad you're back to posting, I missed you! Anyways, I think the new sloths are quite cute, but won't they be a bit...unrealistic? I mean, sloths almost never touch the ground, at least I think, and they would be so SLOW when moving around! But I guess I'd rather have an unrealistically fast sloth then a realistic, super-slow one. :1

  3. @Fang Thanks
    @Swirlshine That's a true point and missed you too:)
    @Canineclaw Your like my new bestfriend! We have to have a chat one day

  4. to be honest i dont have a room i sleep where i like plzzzzz dont minddddd
    cuddly6342 <_>


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