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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Buddy day shoe hair

Hey jammers!
Yesterday I had dance pictures so I put mascara on and we have the waterproof kind. So we were taking it off after, I am pretty sure its completely off but my eyelashes seem longer than before... Either their is still some on or I have never realized how long my eyelashes were. Today I had DNT so my friend and I were working on our bridge. We finished it and we were for sure it was gonna break at 50 pounds on it but it held every bit of it which was 120 pounds! Everyone was shocked even the teacherXD We didn't start our bookshelf but atleast were not the only ones who haven't started... So ya!
I was looking through my aj animals and forgot some of the animals don't even exist anymoreXD
Hmm I can't seem to find the new item... But in other words the hair salon items have came/are coming back:)
We also have a shoe rack sold in jam mart furniture for 450 gems!
Who knows maybe thats the new item?

Jamaa news
So I heard someone say "scooter" in aj today so it reminded me of my favourite blogger so I checked my buddy list to see how long ago he was on it...
Nope it doesn't say how long its been since the buddy was I thought to myself.
So I then clicked the player card and moved my mouse around..
I then found out where they keep it now:)
Now where the to follow sign is it says how many days has it been since that jammer went on!
Personally I prefer it the other way around but I guess to AJ it would be to much stuff on the buddy list.

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!

Oh hey jammers!
Thought I just left but guess I didn't! MWUAHAHA!
 just realized when I made the title it said shoe hair! XD HAHAHA A shoe is growing hair if someone could draw that out it would be nice to see! Or I will just do that now.. WE can do both!
Soo this is my wonderful drawing of shoe hair being trimmed off...
Now if you want to send in your own shoe hair drawings it'd be marvellous just send them to Violet86271aj@gmail.com. They will be posted on here and the ajlp art blog which no one ever sends stuff to which is quite disappointing:/ Or if you wanna send it in just use imgur to give it a link and then comment the link here! Can't wait to see your guys work! And tomorrow will be the last day to enter contests so please do! 

Also while making the shoe hair I noticed this new thing its not much of a big deal but.
It shows peck! How interesting?
Well now its actually bye:( See ya hopefully some blog updating and posts this weekend I have no school on monday sooooo ya.


  1. XD shoe hair!!
    Sorry, I would send stuff in, but I don't have an e-mail. When I get a drawing tablet, I'll be able to draw your animal or whatever, though, and I'll post it on my blog so you can see it. Though that'll be in September...

  2. You can draw it, upload to a computer and post it or just give it a link using Imgur then comment the link here

  3. Shoe Hair: http://harmonysac.blogspot.com/2016/05/super-speedpaintings.html


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