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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Art studio overview


Hey jammers!
Hopefully you saw the two links above. Tried to make it very clear that you should probably do those things please. There is only about a week and half to enter and there has only been 1 valid entry plus 1 declined entry. If there isn't many entries I will extend the date. 
So today I cut my finger it was a paper cut okay? And it was bleeding and it wouldn't stop D: So I did what the average person would do and I got a bandaid XD Someone was telling me where they were and it took forever to find them even though it was like right beside me. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Today we have the returning egyptian item sold in jam mart furniture for 350 gems!

Well I don't really find this item that interesting... Hmmm.
But on the bright side I mean it is 350 gems which is pretty cheap and it is also nonmembers!

Topic: The art studio
It took me quite some time to thing about this but I thought why not talk about the art studio today?
Actually it only took like 1 minute for me to think of this idea... Wow I'm such a great thinker eh?XD
Okay so...

Where is the art studio located?
The art studio is located in Coral canyons. 
Just as you arrive there you will walk to your right and see this place.

What does it look like inside?
It is actually quite small. But just enough room to actually do stuff!

What can you do inside?
A few things that you can do is:
On the left side of you, you will see a table with papers on it.
Click that and you will be able to print out colouring pages to do in your spare time!

The other thing you can do it painting.
There is a quite a few options to draw with. Some people can make outstanding work that gets featured in the jammer central which you can do by clicking send to aj button!

Don't forget you can always look around the art studio even if your not doing anything.
The art studio is such a nice quiet place to stay not many jammers visit but I can assure a lot of jamaa's population visits! Don't forget if you send your artwork to aj and it gets featured they send you a plaque which takes hard work. 

Hopefully jammers or many new jammers will be able to enjoy these topics which are quite helpful!

Jamaa news
So I was looking through jammer central.
And I thought why not look at the play wild section and I found this quite interesting maybe even something that will be coming soon?
Maybe this is a pet which could mean they are coming are to play wild soon since play wild doesn't have pets yet? It also looks kinda like a baby hedgehog.
Anyways just thought to point that out!

Thats all for today jammers!
Sorry if this post was super long and kinda bored you out? Well hopefully it was helpful with the topic! If not sorry bout that...
See ya on thursday with the update. Hopefully its good:)


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