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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The new jag system update

Hey jammers!
I am gonna be making another smaller post today about a secret room that has been found in aj so stay tuned for that!
So I am pretty late with this update from thursday and sorry for no post yesterday and thursday I did not have time, if I did have time I promise you I would make a post!

Okay so lets look at the jamaa journal update from thursday!
Page 1
So we have the returning polar bears from there travelling.

 Page 2
Oh a new pet which is the armadillos!
And yep the goats will be coming in the next 2 weeks yay! Hopefully they are nonmember if not hopefully not in the diamondshop:( Usually aj has a video for the new animal. Maybe that will come next jamaa journal then! Hopefully the goat is a good animal!

 Page 3
Okay so basically these all will come to jamaa one day, seeing that they always do with surveys.
I voted for the ostrich and it was a close tye between the ostrich and sloth. I basically want both sloth and ostrich. Though the falcon I feel like would be close like an eagle. If a new bird came I think it should be a robin, blue jay, cardinal or wood pecker.

 Page 4
Special delivery is back yay!
I don't exactly do these adventures anymore... They need to add proper adventures instead of bringing the same ones back every year:/

Page 5
Friendship armour is back same with the friendship party!

And the bizarre looking snow leopard advertisement..

A few other new things we got with the update was...

The new Jamagram system
Its all a different lay out.

This part is actually like on play wild. Though I think its more convent for deleting jags!

With this update members got 4 new buddy slots!
I am still deciding whether I should my crocodile back but I probably won't...
I might delete some of my animals too but anyways!

So ya that basically sums up the update! 
I give it... hmm... 6/10
So ya be sure to check out the post coming later today! 

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya later today!

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