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Friday, January 1, 2016

How to make your den the coolest in jamaa

Hey jammers!
I think I might edit the sidebars a bit with yaa.... Ill need to update the pages to since they haven't been updated in a long long long time...
Anyways I'm giving myself a new signature and I think I might change it like a few times a year and trie to do it less.... And Im updating the blogs template later too!

Today we have the.... Oh wait where is the jamaa journal update?!?! It wasn't here yesterday and its not here today... They better not wait until next week gosh aj...
Anyways today we have the new 2016 banner sold in jam mart furniture for 350 gems!
Well this isn't really new since we get a newer version every year! 
But it says 2016 since you know it is 2016! HAHA! Like no one knew that XD
Anyways its nonmember and pretty cheap! Ill prob get this item as soon as I transfer most of my den items to my storages...

Well I know we don't usually have glitches on here unless I find one soooo....
But anyways this glitch happened when I clicked the jammer wall! I just thought I would show it....

How to: Make your den the coolest
Well look at this. We haven't done how to in awhile, woah cool!
Hopefully this will be fun! 

Step 1: Choosing a den
Find a den you think will fit perfectly with your den design.
Today I will be doing a plant den so dens like cosmos den or the enchanted hollow would probably make a good fit!

Step 2: Choosing the items
When choosing your items for your den it would be best to stick with the type of den you are creating. So if you are creating a plant den the items should be green items or any plants, trees and if you want it to have some furniture I would recommend trying being naturey so maybe the colour green? 
If you are doing a different type of den so for example a home look I would suggest having items you would usually have in your home! 

Step 3: Placing the items 
When placing the items, you want the items to have a cool look such as maybe a pathway leading to the entrance whatever you which! You might also want the items to be used as another object or something

Step 4: Finishing your den design
Once you are happy with your den look review these things:
- Did I make the den the theme I wanted?
- Are these all the items that would make the den I wanted it to be like?
- Am I statisfied with the way the den looked?
If you are sure you are done, be sure to show it off to all your friends!

It was just for an example... Please do not copy any designs in this without credit!
Thanks for reading this how to!

Thats all for today jammers!
I can tell you right now that I am really tempted to get an arctic fox....
See ya this weekend or on monday!
- Violet


  1. I collect those banners since I've played since the first year of Animal Jam!

  2. Did you mean to re-post the Step 1 picture at the end of your post?


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