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Thursday, November 5, 2015


Hey jammers!
Sorry for the lateish post today I had to write down notes for studying a quiz tomorrow so I decided to take a break from studying and go on aj and make a post or else I would have never gotten here:)
It is also jamaa journal update today so who would wanna miss that?! I know I wouldn't. As for the new template for this month I will try to change it this weekend though I have some things planned to  do like make magnets, read and draw and then have one day to chill. I also have to edit this blog and update all the pages and make a few new ones since you know I was gonna do it in august but you know that never happened XD 
Hopefully this is a good one...............

Twists and turns has returned from last year:)
I barely played bitter sweets this year. Oh well.

On the second page...
Members now can have 300 clothes items in there inventory!
Yay and nay.
Yay because we get more space.
Nay because I feel nonmembers should be getting more inventory. I wish we could get more inventory for everything that requires inventory.

On the the third page....
Arctic foxes have been confirmed! I am totally gonna get one even I will need to delete another animal YAY(aj thanks for never adding more inventory EVER) But the head in the video I swear looks like a raccoon head. I hope these aren't in the diamond shop and actually cost gems and they also aren't small and super cute and ya.

On the fourth page...
A new astronomy shop is in the sol arcade!
I actually think thats a cool idea because the arcade is a rocket ship so why not add the shop? But then again it is what does astronomy have to do with games?

On the fifth/last page....
Is just a reminder.
So I just saw a jammer say  I just wanted you to let me in.
And then it reminded me of wrecking ball....

I rate this update maybe a 3.5/10
Just because ya!
Im gonna stay on aj for the next 20 mins and then go off and then study for like an hour or so. After I study Im gonna get an app. Check out the play wild update and then watch youtube. By then it will be supper and I will be watching big bang cause there a new episode. After that I will watch tv for like a half an hour or so and then review my studying a few times then go on my iPad for a bit(prob just play a game or text my friends) Then I will go to bed and start my day. AND HOPEFULLY ACE THAT TEST!!! Though I doubt it I usually only do like 70-80 on tests if I am comfortable with my unit or thing we are doing in class.  So we see all the marks of our tests tomorrow, WE have to wait till the end of the month to see all our marks kinda exept if someone asks to see the mark then we do either than that not really. I Just spent 5 mins typing this paragraph even though Im using up my time on aj. Another thing I need to do today is look at the doctor who book I got today from the book fair with my brother and maybe sister.

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow hopefully!

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