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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The pretty great update!

Hey jammers!
I am dearly sorry for no post on tuesday. I had a lot of homework to do.
I also got locker stuff yesterday which I was waiting for almost a week.
So in todays update we have new backgrounds for loading screens YAY!!!!!!!
So today is the update!
So lets get started!

So bitter sweets is back!
Which is awesome cause I really loved that adventure.
Theres so many things to do!

Theres a new den for halloween.
Just a more epic version of the previous one which is okay and I will mostly get to delete the other one!
The phantom vortex is back! Can't wait to try to get further and get the new statue!

Spooky party is back. Pet bats are back.

So now on the top of your item list thing you can click that to see what games to play!
I think this feature is perfect though it seems a bit big(the icon does).
The theatre has a den item shop. I have a feeling that is the theatre den set.
They also updates the theatre and the popcorn machine.

So it is wolf awareness week.
I don't know why wolf awareness week should existXD

The ferret gift card is now leaving....

I rate this update a 8/10!

That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
Grahams workshop is till here! Who knows it might stay....


  1. Your really clueless about wolves, aren't you? They are ENDANGERED, and yet you "don't know why wolf awareness week should exist"?! Do you even care about endangered animals? You should be educated in that, and learn to care more for endangered animals and don't take it as a joke and question why there should be an awareness week for an endangered animal!!!

    1. @Anon & @Violet: I'm pretty sure Vi didn't know how endangered wolves are, cuz seriously, wolves are like, the OPPOSITE of endangered in AJ (look around people)

  2. Okay. If that's what you think then take it that way but literally I'm being honest I didn't know WOLVES were ENDANGERED! I thought it might of been just to tell people about wolves and that they could be in harm. So if you wanna get mad go do it somewhere else. And FYI I care about endangered cause basically all my favourite animals are endangered. It's quite sad for ENDANGERED ANIMALS!!!!!!! LIKE I SAID BEFORE I DIDNT KNOW WOLVES WERE ENDANGERED!!!!! Seriously dude. If you wanna complain go somewhere else you are suppose to be positive on this blog it's suppose to be a fun blog not. Also I wasn't joking I was wondering why:/


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