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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Googling the google

Hey jammers!
I am sorry for no post on tuesday I had lots of homework by lots I mean like 5 questions that were hard. And took me forever. Then after that I went to chapters to me 5SOS BOOKIE! THEY'RE NEW BOOK!!!!!:):) I do not think I will do belle today you may have to wait 2 weeks it depends if I get a chance tomorrow and I am up to it! I am also using chrome instead of safari for some reason.
I have a 4 day weekend cause where I live it is the thanks giving weekend sooo ya.
I have so many things to do and a lot of reading. Like a lot.

Today we have the returning phantom necklace sold in jam mart clothing for 400 gems!
This is the usual necklace. Very usual nothing new.
XD. But its very green and I can not describe it!

Fun facts
Today's fun facts will be about google.
Well you should know what google is. If you don't its a search engine!
- Google is a dog friendly company
- Google provides a free gourmet meal everyday
- Google says that employees shouldn't need to walk more than 150 feet for food
- A google employee is named googler and a new employee is a noogler

Guess that
I was thinking of something to do for guess that.
So that made me think. Why don't you guys guess what this picture will or would be if it was finished!
To me if I looked at this picture I would see an ear a hill a pond a mole and an eye.
Now 2 things out of the desciption are true so. It was a helpful hint?
Maybe? Maybe not.

That's all for today jammers!
See ya later!


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