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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gaming bat

Hey jammers!
How was your weekend? Mine was great it was thanksgiving weekend soo ya.
Tonight I am getting new (fake) uggs. I don't get real uggs they are toooo expensive like 300 bucks.
So I get fake:) I also wish I posted yesterday cause of the rim.

Today we have the returning bat balloon sold in jam mart clothing for 350 gems!
Now I don't like to give descriptions to returning items.
But I did get this balloon on playwild the other day. Speaking of play wild you should check out my most recent post about the update. And it now says when new items are in the shop!

Topic: Games
Today's topic is on games. 
So sit back and relax because this is gonna get interesting.
Well not exactly....
What is a game?
A game helps you get gems so you can buy super cool items.

How/where do I play games?
You can play games by going to the arcade or by clicking the top of the icons with the game logo!

What games make the most gems?
I would say the most gems you can get from some games are:
Best dressed, jamaa derby, falling phantoms,
splash and dash. DON"T FORGET that adventures make quite a few thousand too!

What are some original games in jamaa?
Original games in jamaa are:
Phantom fighter, overflow, spider zapper, fruit slinger, Gem breaker, double up and river race!
Those may not be all but are the ones I knew.

I hope this information helped! Please comment your thoughts on games in the comments and we can maybe make a discussion! DISCUSSION TIME KIDS. 


That's all for today jammers!
See ya on thursday! Wow thursday is already the jamaa journal updates wooh time flies by fast.


  1. Didya mean original like it's their own idea or something else? Just wonderin' :)

  2. Half of those aren't actually original though..

    1. No like the ones that have been at aj since the start.


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