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Friday, August 28, 2015

Flying lynx

Hey jammers!
Sorry for no post yesterday I was babysitting one of my nephews and it went over my posting time:(
Yesterday I was playing 5naf 2 and soooo I saw chica standing in the doorway for a few minutes then she left 5 minutes later she popped out and I screamed:O Like AHHHH! 
Thats how I screamed. My battery wasn't even dead on the game yet and chica was in a bikini thing XD

Today we have the returning chain necklace sold in jam mart clothing for 600 gems!
These chain necklaces are kinda boring but have a nice look to them!
I can predit that the member version of the chain necklace will be out tomorrow.
I also came to notice that this was in the middle between a different new item.

Future items
Since theres no unreleased items at the moment I can't really do future items.
I think I will just create an item we don't have in aj yet?
Well see how that turns out! Suggest any items in the comments! The items you suggest will have to be items that don't exist....
Thats right! With these new shoes you just put them on and fly away.
In plus you just fly everywhere and don't even walk. But if your shoes run out of batteries your doomed.....

Mini challenge
So today I made a jigsaw puzzle of belle the rhino!
I know a jigsaw isn't the funnest but I thought it was different and a never before used idea!
Im trying to post a belle the rhino issue before school starts on the 8th solo ya.
To do the jigsaw puzzle click this link! 
Hope you have fun with this link!

Fun facts about lynxes
I know this would make more sense to do next week or in the next 3 weeks when lynxes come out but 
I thought since lynxes are coming soon then we shall post some facts about them now!
For those who don't know what a lynx looks like here is a picture of one!
Now are you ready for some facts?
I hope so. Wait you better be>:) 
1. Lynx can reach up to 30-40 inches in size 
2. The tufts on lynx ears help enhance hearing
3. Lynz are able to detect a mouse from 250 feet away
4. Lynx are very vocal and can produce cat like purrs, hisses and meow(they are a cat so)
5. Lynx live up to 14.5 years in the wild and 25 years in captivity


Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow! 


  1. what i want to come out is............................. maybe the funny eyeglasses like the ones that have eyes on them hanging down by springs?

  2. Hey Violet! Love the Jigsaw Puzzle! And hmm. A new item huh? How about a bunk bed of some sort? We don't have any of those yet!


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