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Friday, July 31, 2015


Hey jammers!
My den is open for anyone who wants some ice-cream at the moment.
Just go to the first floor and you will see ice-cream. Please leave 20 gems behind.

Today we have the new zios balloon sold in the summer carnival for 2000 tickets!
I like this balloon a lot.
Though it kinda seems very big and fat, which means it could pop:O.
:puts paw on balloon and pops: 

Fun facts
1. Don't keep your eyes open when you sneeze.
Your eyes may pop out if you keep them open.

2. Don't plug your nose if you are about to sneeze.
You could pop a blood vessel.


Future items
Photo creds: Meloetta
This nacho hat colour possibly be a new future item.
It may be food but who knows we already got cheese and hamburgers.
Lets keep our hops up high!

Mini challenge
Todays mini challenge will require typing with your nose.
Now you try to type a sentence with your nose.
So your sentence should have some spelling errors.
And you should and must do it all at once.
Here is my sentence:
This was suppose to say Hi curious george.
I believe I have done something like this in the past..

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. ib v typed this wi8ty mjky nose

    (supposed to say 'i typed this with my nose')

  2. Ok im gonna try that challenge!

    i lpolvfevb bjhafchos2

    jnachos vare bgood

    ( I love nachos!
    Nachos are good)

    The second one was much better Lol! Oh and i made a cactus hat on my blog, since Mel likes those! :P

  3. I am on my phone. This is for the challenge:

    i fant. errtye lettrs proprrly' i thjnk i am bboing crisseyrd.

    It says: I can't see the letters properly, I think I am going crosseyed. Also my phone keyboard is small and the kes are so close together.

  4. Sorry if I'm being annoying:
    animaljamroze.blogspot.com, can you mayve just check it out for 0.5 seconds? Thanks. (plz don't be in a bad mood)

  5. Aww no what happens if you get crossed eyes:( I think I've looked at your blog before but I will again


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