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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

R A I N B O W B E E S : )

Hey jammers!
Sorry if yesterdays post seemed rushed and horrible I just wasn't in the greatest mood.
Anyways I may be seeing Jurrasic World tonight cause my parents are seeing Terminator and I wanna see Jurassic and they are at like the same time so I might just be seeing it. Plus they are like the same lengths too. 

Today we have the new rainbow arch sold in the cloud party for 750 gems!
This actually looks like a rainbow just a bit more curved if it was less curved then it would look identical to a rainbow. Random den idea right now!: Get this item and put it in the sky of any den then it will look like an actual rainbow in the sky. Hehe:)

Violet's drawing
Its a little baby bumble bee I drew. 
Isn't it cute? Ikr it has no eyes at all! :O NO EYES?!?!
Oh well did you know that bumble bees don't actually sting?

Today is actually a pretty good wonder.
Heres the wonder:
Exactly. Ajhq changed this last summer.
Now only members can have free chat. I don't know why they changed this.
Now that its a member only feature its stupid. 
I DONT LIKE. The only nonmembers that can have it are the ones who changed it to free chat before they made it only for members only. So thats like 30% of all jamaa.
Comment why you think they did this.
Was it because they wanted it to be just member?

Once there was a llama named Earl. 
Earl was very slow like a snail UNTIL ONE DAY SOMETHING AWESOME HAPPENED!
Earl took a nap. Later on that day Earl woke up and started eating mushrooms.
SHe didn't know they were mushrooms she thought they were carrots.
So she kept eating them and eating them until SHE WENT SUPER FAST!
The end!
Do you like my llamas look?

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. 1. I love the movie, Jurassic World. So awesome! ^o^
    2. Huehue, over-arched rainbow. :3
    3. That bee drawing looks cute. ^w^
    4. Because of COPPA laws or something, but it's still annoying and stupid that only members can get free chat now. :(
    5. Funny random story! XD
    6. Your llama's look is cute. c:

    1. Yea, I've heard of that, but I still believe AJHQ just wants money. I mean, who would force people to pay just so they can socialize and have a true voice? C'mon AJHQ, show some humanity.

    2. I read somewhere that COPPA might have to do with it because I reas somewhere (I forgot) that there was a new law for children's gaming websites or whatever that said to have full chatting privileges or something absurd like that, you have to have parents' approval. For people under the age of 13. (lol not me, lol why am I saying lol o.o). And I think AJHQ interpreted that into "der hur dat muss mean meembership duh". I'm not sure if that's true though idk. Dumb reason though.

  2. Becuase they want more money.
    I keep on emailing AJHQ anout how ashamed they must be about not enabling Safe Chat for NMs but what do they say?

    "I am sorry but this is only for account problems and transactions or something, please tell is in the purple question marks floating around as it goes strait to our moderators that improve the game"

    Then when I reply that my email was a complaint they say,

    "I am sorry but the email doesn't tell us the information we need"

    :{ I change my isername alot, I'm like: No I dont like this username aanymore, lets make a new account. Even before they changed the Safe Chat settings so in the end, I had alot of accounts with Safe Chat. So I just asked AJHQ to change the usernames of them, but you can only change the usernames once and so, soon I got bored of the name and switched to another account. And another. And anoother.

    I think there were still a few more or something left, but on a miserable day, AJHQ decoeded to delete unused accounts and they were gone. D; Well thats my story.

  3. Everyone except me seems to be watching and liking Jurrasic World. I haven't watched it, instedead, I watched Inside Out and Minions. What a childish person I am. .-.

    1. I kinda want to see those movies too. Haha, the child in meee XD

    2. I LOVE BOOV AND MINIONS! I wanna see minions badly

    3. Urm.
      I well I'll just say that I <3 Bob.


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