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Friday, July 10, 2015

Crating the comic

Hey jammers!
I have some cry exciting news for at the end of this post! 
I had a inch of stuff to do today except I got most of it done not all but thats okay.
Today we have the new wood crates sold in jam mart furniture for 750 gems!
I am literally thinking aj is putting 750 on new items on purpose cause items lately are 750 gems!
I like these because they are nonmember and they don't look to rushed. 
It also gives a nice feeling. I don't why but it just does some how?

Fun facts about peacocks!
Since we got new pet peacocks i thought I would post some facts about them.
For those who don't know what a peacock looks like...
Here is what it looks like:
They have a lot of nice feathers which makes them look super cool!
But thats not facts...
1. A male peacock is called a peafowl while a female peacock is called a peahen
2. Peacocks are one of the largest flying birds
3. Their main predators are tigers, leopards and mongoose
4. A one day only peacock can walk, eat and drink without any help. (VERY TALENTED)
5. A peahen chooses her partner by length, width and colour of the tail.
I hope you guys enjoyed these 5 facts. 
I never knew any of these things until today! AWESOME PAWESOME IS WHAT THEY SAY! Am i right? YAH OR NAH? :)

Future items
I don't have an unreleased item at the moment but here is an item that hopefully will come to animal jam one day. This is for Mel cause I know she wants it to come really badly:)
I think these might come to animal jam one day because...
A lot of people want them?

Hmm Idk XD! 
Thats okay though right?

Mini challenge
Today I am gonna be doing some riddles kinda.
You will be able to find all of these answers in jamaa then comment your answer below.
1. What stays still in jamaa but is suppose to be in space?
2. What type of jammer rhymes jammer?
3. A new thing comes here every 2 weeks but is always for members?
Hope you have fun figuring this out though it probably is easy:( Oh well!

Iloppio made me this signature.
I really like it thanks so much!
Thats all for today jammers see ya tomorrow!
Today is your last chance to enter the plushie challenge...


  1. Thanks for actually using the siggy! :) I might enter the plushie challenge, it just might be a bit late because, Ibdunno when your day ends. more than half of my den space is plushies. :3

  2. I have no clue, I'm just guessing:
    1. Sol Arcade.
    2. Scammer.
    3. Update/Jamaa Journal.
    Okie. Also, when do you think it's the best time to redeem a membership this year?

    1. Hmm good question I think it honestly depends when you feel like getting a membership if you've never gotten one before but I'd say right now or when a exclusive comes on the card like the ferret get it

  3. Yay new Belle issue! I used to wonder what happened to that blog.. c:

  4. What is that future item? o3o
    Also those crates remind me of the Penguins of Madagascar for some reason. They would always hide on cargo ships to spy, so maybe that's why?

    And alsoooooo,
    challenge accepted! ^w^

    1. The rocket on top of the Sol Arcade! (get it? SOLAR-cade?)
    2. Scammer
    3. The updates!!


    1. Cactus Hats, Meloeta385 wants them real bad.


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