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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rugger than hugger

Hey jammers!
Where has all the page views gone and all the comments?
:(:(:(:(:( Oh well:(:(:(:(:(
Today we have the new sand rug sold in jam mart furniture for 450 gems!
Thank goodness this is for nonmembers or else it would of been sc ary.
It looks very nice though! The one with a clover though kinda looks like a sand dollar maybe a bit?
Sand dollar can you buy stuff with sand dollars? I mean it is a dollar....

Since the other day I was on animal jam and saw a poo squad trying to stop bullying. 
It was kind of funny but nice at the same time so I decided to do a poo randomness of my own and post that pic.
So I got a little assistance from naffy. Thanks naffy!
As you can see in this picture naffy is poo and I am saying www but she's just like I am soooo cute and adorable though. And I'm just like no your not! Next week I am gonna make the randomness into a story if I remember so if you guys remind me on monday that would be great thanks.
So this was the picture I was talking about.
See all penguins are poo! I took a picture to remember this moment forever and ever:)

Violet's drawing
To stay in todays poo theme I decided to draw a cute little blob of happy poo.
Now this was suppose to be brown but turned out to be burgundy.
Oh well. I just love happy food its soooooooo cute! EEEEEEKKKK!

Now this wonder is actually a mystery...
This is a mystery.
Why can you not say words that are appropriate but then be able to say poo?
The chat these days is sooooo dumb.
Why do you think AJHQ made the chat this way?
Was it because of the phantoms since they blame the phantoms on everything?
Comment what you think!

Well thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!



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