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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Hey jammers!
Today is jamaa journal update day yipes!
Let's see what ajhq has in stock for us!
Firstly we got llamas...
The llamas are super cute and but very small even smaller then deer and I'm pretty sure deer are suppose to be smaller than llamas. Interesting. Anyways they are super duper cute!
Happy llama
Sad llama
Mentally disturbed llama
Super llama 
Drama llama 
Big fat mama llama

Next we got a new contest. This contest is for choosing the next new pet.
So you can vote for armadillo, elephants and peacocks. I would of voted for all but I voted for armadillo instead.

The freedom party is back. Yes new plushies plus they are freedom!

We got a new llama booklet and a new exhibit in the conservation museum.

Yes ajhq I think we all know about the rainbow armour.
Oh some more new items in battle for the beacon.

Only 2 weeks left better get it before its gone:(

Today we have the new mira waterfall sold in diamond shop for 2 diamonds...
I am actually surprised this was for nonmembers. I really like this item.
If you didn't know it was the winner for the contest on DE!

Here are the new plushies...

They are very cute!

I don't know why but this bar looks empty
I don't know why but it just does!

I rate this jamaa journal 6.5/10

Play wild
For those who saw my recent post. 
I did not photo shop. All I did was search aj jump. Then I clicked related and play wild popped up.
Please don't get mad and rant on about how much it is fake. 
You need a iPad 2 or newer. iPhones and iPod won't work. 
So just search AJ jump then click it then click related and Play wild should pop up.
If it doesn't work not my fault....

I don't feel like doing violet's drawing today .
So thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
Oh btw today was my last day of school!!!



  1. Please check out me blog!
    I hope you maybe become a commenter if you like it.
    Oh and..
    Please read from the first post. :L

    1. Stop advertising your blog spammer!!!!!!

  2. Is play wild available on androids?

    1. Yes in fact, it's only on Android.
      I think.

    2. No it's not avaible on android yet. Only on AppStore ipad 2 or newer:)

    3. Can you post a picture of it saying it's only availible for iPad 2 and higher?

    4. It says not for ios. I have an iPad mini, is that new enough?

  3. But I posted 4 times that day and I have 4 Mira Waterfalls that I want to giveaway. ;(
    My blog only has one commenter who commented only once.
    Other than me.
    I'm so lonely DD;


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