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Sunday, May 3, 2015

How to be a flying animal on a land adventure!

Hey jammers!
On weekends now I'm gonna be posting things about jamaa and the new item.
Just because I want to! It won't be stuff on pages it'll be like item history or something:)
I'll label them as what type of post they are!

So first turn into a owl or eagle.

Then go underwater and host an adventure.

Now go to your den!

Now you can play as a flying animal:)
Thanks Mel for showing me the glitch!
And now for today's new item.
Today we have the charm bracelet sold in jam mart clothing 600 gems!

I will still be doing the filter and once in awhile the cute/cool pics which could be threw out the week as well.
So this charm bracelet looks pretty cute but I only see 4 alphas out of 6 and it cost 600 gems!
I see.
Cosmo, Liza, sir Gilbert, and Peck. 
Graham and greely are missing:( 
I'm gonna post the video on my google+ hopefully you guys will see it:)

Also have you seen the goregous new blog template?
I put it as rainbow theme"," 
Also the contest only got 4 entries so you have one more week to enter! 
And then no more entries.
That's all for today!
See ya later!


  1. Does this glitch still work, I tried it once and it said I can't play that adventure underwater...


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