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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring festival

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the 2 hour late post. 
I had a basketball game which we won same with yesterday. 
And then when I got home i had to help my mom with supper. And my brother was doing emails on my moms laptop. So now I here to post!
So a lot to post about today so I will be starting off with todays jamaa journal update.
So to start off we have the new spring adventure to celebrate easter!
I heard you can get some really cool prizes that are amazing! 
So this adventure is an easter egg hunt.

Next we have the new den set. Welcoming deep space. 
This den set seems pretty I'd recomend you start buying the items already:O

Sadly the polar bears are traveling:( 
I mean weve only had them for like 3 months or more. Ive also noticed that everytime an animal leaves we get a new animal?

And lastly a new animal is coming. 
I think it might be some kind of lizard because look at the tail.
I never thought such a small animal would be a animal on aj. A pet would be good. 
This jamaa journal was pretty short actually. I was getting my hopes up high that PLAY WILD would come out today. But unfortuneatly not:( I will post the link later to where it says play wild's release date:)

So now lets look at todays new items!

These items belong to the deep space set. I have to admit these look pereettty cool.
Now you can go to space:O OMG SPACE? YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY GO SPACE! Now let's set up a contracts to be an astronaut. GETS CONTRACT. One day later. Sorry you are not aloud to go to space. 
CRIES SELF TO SLEEP. waaaah. oh well!

Now in the diamond shop we have the penguin claw sold for 3 diamonds!
AWWW look at those cute wittle pengys. AWWWWWWWW IM JUST GONNA TAKE ALL OF THEM. Grabs and runs away! hehehe!

Well I think thats it. 
Thanks for being such great viewers and fans. 
- violet

1 comment:

  1. The lizard thing will be a pet gecko, there is a leaked photo of one! :)


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