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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Odd anonymous is back

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the late post I had basketball again today.
Speaking of which the mean anon is back. Which is meaning just ignore him and dont say anything to him or else it will just encourage him more. So please do that its for our best.

Today we have the new space locker sold in jam mart furniture for 400 gems!
This is pretty good incase you need it to hide something.
Though it doesnt look to attractive for jammers to buy.

Why was the world of jamaa created?
Was it because Zios and mira had no choice because of the pesky phantoms?
Or was it because they wanted a peaceful land for all jammers?
Comment what you think!

Violet's drawing
I drew a goldfish cracker cause i was eating them yummy!
Dont mind the paint brush.

Blah that doesnt taste so good:( 

Thats all for today jammers!
Cya on thursday bye!


  1. Goldfishy! Nomnomnom. :P

    I think Jamaa was created because Zios and Mira wanted to create a peaceful land for the rest of the living animals, but the phantoms came and took that sense of "peace" away. ^-^

    Watch out for thorns when eating those roses, Enchanted! ;o;

    Yep, that Anonymous jerk is back. Heshe commented on my blog as well as my friend's too. Which is (as expressed as a face) :/
    Oh and you might want to delete hisher comment on your previous post. So then heshe will be ignored even more.

  2. MMM GOLDFISH I WANT SOME NOW! And, who is Anonymous? Like Recycledbeards???

  3. Oh, heheh, I see the person you ppl meant now... HE IS RUDE! BAN HIM FROM DA BLOG VIOLET! I can't listen to words like that! :( ):(


  5. Do you like anime?


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