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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beach house for ma homies

Hey jammers!
Today is update day! This morning they didnt have it but then they added it.
Anyways first off we have the new beach house den sold in the diamond shop for 7 diamonds!
If you thought it was gonna be diamonds and a den than you guessed right!
I will buy this cause it looks pretty nice plus you get your own private beach now how nice is that?

Oh look a new den item contest!
Now you can choose to vote for either the sand castle, mechanical future or the exvacation site.
Now honestly these don't look cool but I chose the sand castle building cause its almost summer.
Now to be honest I still haven't even got the space one. And why can't we just design a den set ourself?

OOh yay the cheetahs are coming back and they've only been gone for like a month.
How exciting?

And look we have a reminder about the spring bunny which everyone knows about:/
Not trying to be mean but like the only good thing in jamaa journal was the beach house none of these were surprises...
I give this a 3.5/10:)

Moving on..
Today we have the new...  Oh wait there is no new item!!!!!
How can there be no new item? Ive checked all the stores.
Oh well.

Violet's drawing
I call it the idk fandom.
Though I must say these hearts look actually quite cool if I say myself!

I predit the future
So next jamaa journal the cheetahs return.
Then the journal after that llamas come soon then after that the summer carnival is released then after that or somewhere between there one of the den sets gets released and then we wait a few months for play wild actually to come out when they said that it would be released in april!!
They keep persponing play wild next thing you know its a year later and it still hasnt been released >:"(

Thats all for today jammers!

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